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Thread: PTE SC6262 E vs Ported S Compressor Housing

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2010-08-13 20:42:04
PTE SC6262 E vs Ported S Compressor Housing
Anyone have any opinions/experience on the difference between the PTE SC6262 E vs Ported S housing? I'm asking because I might buy my friend's with an E housing and wanted to know if it would be better to get the port shrouded S compressor housing.
2010-08-13 20:56:48
On smaller displacement engines like ours prone to compressor surge with large turbos, the ported housing really helps eliminate this issue. I would consider it mandatory. However I have no direct experience with this particular turbo.
2010-08-13 20:58:27
Ben, thanks for the advice. I've been researching in different forums, but as usual there are mixed views.
2010-08-13 21:00:57

^Thread. Post #46.

Originally Posted by Payu
E cover its .60 A/R will help for spool and response will sacrifice some top end...
S cover its .70 A/R comes plain, bullet hole or machined anti surge more lag but more top end... Most result you will get over the net are with the bullet hole S cover....
Ball bearing turbos are the ones that comes oil/water cooled I dont know if they make water cooled JB bearing housing but maybe they have to be special ordered since I have seen those housings before...

^Here you go.
2010-08-13 21:04:11
MR-4Door-SR20DET, I appreciate it. It makes sense, I'm just trying to weigh my options at the moment.
2010-08-13 21:18:02
I have the port shrouded one and it is a nice turbo ...
2010-08-13 21:19:52
Thanks Nissan Crazy. I found some people saying that it was excessively loud, do you find that to be true?
2010-08-13 21:49:11
It sound like a Turbo .....
2010-08-13 21:50:17
thats kind along the lines i was thinking
2010-08-13 23:19:01
I run the E cover on my precision 6262. I had a long talk with precision about because I didnt want to sacrifice performance by getting the E housing istead of the larger S housing. Precision said exactly what the post above said and that the S will make slightly more power up top but it would be minimal as well as the lag. I run the E and have no surge issues and it was easier becuase it connected to my existing setup.
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