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Thread: custom rad without expansion tank, bad idea?

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2010-07-12 21:56:59
custom rad without expansion tank, bad idea?
Hi all,

I am going to fit a custom made alloy radiator to my gti-r ,but the nipple for the overflow tank is placed in the wrong part of the filler neck, so that there is no room for the pipe( stupid mistake), so I wonder if blanking it would be a good move or not.
Basically , tunning a car without water expansion tank is a bad idea?
Any help is highly appreciated!

2010-07-12 22:01:29
No you can't block it. You can't leave it just open either.

Read up on how engine coolant systems work and you'll see why not, and what you need to do.

WikiAnswers - How does a radiator overflow tank work
2010-07-12 22:04:34
ok, so i will have to replace the straight barb with a 90° one...

2010-07-13 15:13:03
You actually can leave it open, you'd just have to check it regularly and fill it.
You'd also be hated by environmentalists and track officials alike for spilling fluid.

In other words... In a bind you can do it but you shouldn't if you can help it.
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