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Thread: any of you use rwd manifolds?

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2010-07-10 02:18:09
any of you use rwd manifolds?
hey guys, I rarely post here anymore but I just bought a gt28 and I'd like to use a top mount manifold with it. I'm curious about whether any rwd manifolds will fit and function nicely... or what it takes to get them to fit. They're really easy to find, my main reason for asking. It's not a twin scroll turbo so I'm not worried about the pipe arrangement as much as I would be if it's twin scroll. Let me know what you guys think! pics are always good
2010-07-10 02:30:51
Where is there a top mount t2 rwd manifold? Maybe I've missed them, but all the t2 rwd manifolds I have seen are bottom. The only top mount manifolds I've seen are t3 or larger. There are plenty of proper FWD manifolds available that will work perfect.

And WTF does twin scroll have to do with pipe arrangement?

Wipe the vasoline off your glasses and take another look.
2010-07-10 02:48:56
rwd sr20det manifold didn't fit on my b15. There was no room to fit the radiator in once the manifold was bolted to the block. It was a lot easier to use the fwd manifold!
2010-07-10 03:00:25
played with an ss auto chrome top mount t3 manifold. seemed like to much work to get it mounted.
2010-07-10 03:03:20
twin scroll its good to keep the pipes separated... cylinders 1 and 4 are paired and 2 and 3 are paired. makes a difference in performance. But I'll keep looking... no need for the animosity.

Of course I know there's fwd manifolds available... but obviously there's a higher demand for rwd stuff, so there's more to choose from, better chance of finding a deal. you get me? I'm just looking at my options.

Thank you FuLLah for a helpful response.
2010-07-10 03:03:53
Thank you Octave also
2010-07-10 03:27:29
no biggie. I knew a guy running a bottom mount RWD hks manifold. It was a 10 second car so that says something. But SSAC and hks are two different things but i'm all for saving a buck. but since I made a t3 manifold I didn't use the SSAC even though mine is ugly it works and im sure it flows ok.
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