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Thread: Leaning Out WTF!! Need Some Advice

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2010-06-27 19:42:30
Originally Posted by SRpowrd
Ok so a month ago or so. I had my ecu retuned from JWT. Went from 50lb injectors to 72lb'ers and from 9:5/1 comp ratio to 8:5/1. I installed a new FPR (china made) and new braided lines and AN fittings. I didn't change anything else. Before the car would pull a consistant 11.4-11.6 AFR at WOT. Now i hit it and it falls to 11.4 ish and then it starts to climb to 12.5-12.8 when it gets in the upper rpm's. So found that the FPR I installed wasn't making the right fuel pressure. CHINA JUNK. At 15psi it was only making 3.75 bar. I can set it to 3 bar with the vac line off. But it should make roughly 4 bar @ 15psi. So I went to Summit Racing last night and bought an Aeromotive FPR. Installed it and now it makes 4 bar fuel pressure @ 15psi. The AF's are better now but still climbing into the low 12's. 12.5 was about the highest. So I bought a new Walbro when I picked up the FPR. So I put that in this morning. I haven't drove it on the highway yet to see, but the small ride I took it still seemed to be climbing into the 12's. I have boost leak checked with intake pipe on and no leaks. I put a new fuel filter in even though it didn't need it. I did all this before the new FPR and pump. So I am running out of ideas. Please help. Any info is appreciated. Thanks guys

o.k. is the setup blow thru? and what maf?
2010-06-27 20:09:44
Originally Posted by SRpowrd
Think its the tune???

Not always. I had two different jwt tunes that ran 13:1 under full boost.
2010-06-27 20:18:40
Originally Posted by jp314
Then maybe I should swap out my JWT ECU for a stock ECU -
in my 162whp daily driver B13 SE-R, that gets nearly 40mpg,
mostly city miles.

Originally Posted by SneakyOwner
Mine gets 42 on the stock ECU don't feel special...usually 36 to 38 cause I drive harder in the city. JWT is usually rich because they don't want people calling them and saying oooooo my motor blew up because your tune leaned out buy me a new motor.

How the heck do you guys get so good of MPG's???????????? The turbo? I get a avg of 22 mainly highway miles....
2010-06-27 20:30:44
Make sure your running 3 bar base fuel pressure on those MSD's.

And 40mpg?!?!? I could only dream of those
2010-06-28 15:46:14
Originally Posted by gio94sr20ve
o.k. is the setup blow thru? and what maf?

Its a Cobra MAF and its not a blow thru setup.
2010-06-28 21:06:10
Originally Posted by 92SentraSE-R
How the heck do you guys get so good of MPG's???????????? The turbo? I get a avg of 22 mainly highway miles....

22 on highway? Something's off. I get around 30mpg highway and 17mpg city. Basically close to what I was getting pre-turbo. Strange.

2010-06-29 05:42:31
The secret to 40mpg is I have no exhaust...4-2-1 to 2.5" piping with no cat or anything back to a greddy muffler. I used to get way worse mileage before I took out the cat and EGR.
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