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Thread: GT28RS Upgrade

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2010-09-17 05:50:42
Whatever iridium ngk bkr7e's are factory. Its weird because it was fine for a very hard pull on the highway, then I drove slowly the rest of the way home so I wouldn't have noticed it. Half an hour later I go for a drive and it does it immediately. I don't see how it would have changed in that short amount of time... Not unless a coupler is tearing or loose or something.
2010-09-17 05:52:36
they are usually around .44 straight out of the box.

bring them down to about .3 and that should work well to about 14 psi. some people go down to .28

I try to keep mine as open as possible.
2010-09-17 05:54:02
be careful trying to gap them. "They" say you're not supposed to. The tips are easy to break.
but its possible if you're gentle.
2010-09-17 06:03:08
I think they were .28-.30 when I put them in? I never had a problem even at 18-24psi on the old turbo with the same set of plugs. Confused as to why it would be the plugs all of the sudden? I'll look at them tomorrow as well though.
2010-09-17 06:06:05
wouldnt hurt to check them. But keep looking for the leaks.
2010-09-17 16:52:57
My friend is still having issues as well, Did you buy the turbo used? I'm having second thoughts about a potato upgrade...
2010-09-17 16:54:24
^ one persons expierences doesnt mean that a whole line of turbo isnt good. everyone has good and bad expierences. its hard to judge what your expierence would be like with the turbo.
2010-09-17 16:54:36
I love my potato. and i havent tapped its potential yet either.
2010-09-17 17:57:01
My experiences aren't turbo related, or at least I don't think so. I don't have any boost leaks either, what I fixed last night fixed the leak. I spent $50 on a smoke test and we didn't find any leaks which is good. It's actually so stout now that it is loosening the coil wire and now it's actually popping off.

I strapped the coil wire down and it's set to hit 18psi with the mbc, but it still bleeds down to about 12psi. I'm thinking the mbc is bad? Maybe the spring is too weak in there... It builds about 6-7psi off of the just the wastegate. Also it builds about 7 psi if you take the little barb with the hole in it out, but I can't get it over 7psi like that.

On the coil wire, this is my third one in 4 years; I've had them pop off before, maybe I need a new coil?
2010-09-17 18:19:43
I had the coil wire popping thing even when I was N/A. I spread out the contacts inside there and that solved the problem if I remember correctly. It's such a weird thing that happens. No clue why other than not enough friction.

As for you boost building problems, right now it seems like the boost controller is at fault. That's the thing to check next I guess.
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