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Thread: GT28RS Upgrade

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2010-05-29 06:50:14
Will this one work? It seems to be the only one that is shaped right to accept stock lines.
Oil Inlet Restrictor - .065" hole size 1/8" NPT (for Journal bearing and larger GT BB) : atpturbo.com

But it says it isn't for the smaller T2 turbos...
2010-05-29 07:01:42
-4 size Oil inlet fitting for GT28/30/35R with built-in restrictor : atpturbo.com


-3 size Oil inlet fitting for GT28/30/35R with built-in restrictor : atpturbo.com
2010-05-29 07:03:51
It needs to have the female 1/4" NPT for the stock line to thread into though.
2010-05-30 22:04:41
I'm thinking about just making an oil feed line. One of my buddies has some -3 line already with ends on it but it's a tad long, but he also has some -4 which I'd only have to pay or the ends on. Will -3 be too small and starve the turbo? Also, the stock det banjo bolts for oil on the block are 14mm correct? I remember the oil and coolant banjo bolts being different sizes.

Also which fittings should I get for the turbo itself for the oil? Will a straight -3 or -4 fitting work and not interfere (keeping in mind a restrictor will be added to the length as well).
2010-05-31 01:03:18
Well now I'm confused, after looking it up over and over again, people are saying they never had a problem with the stock oil lines and the the built in restrictor that the disco has... I don't know what to do.
2010-05-31 03:32:52
Why don't you just run it without one, I
have done plenty turbos without restrictor and had no issue, gl
2010-05-31 22:33:35

theres ur answer. i had oil going past the seals with the stock det restr. then when i put this in, no more oil in the turbo
2010-06-01 03:15:22
Is there any other people that can chime in? I hear both ways on the restrictor. If I need one, then I have make an entirely new oil feed line. If I don't need one then it's much easier.

Is there a restrictor that fits the stock line?
2010-06-01 15:08:16
get the .035 from atp turbo made for the garrets. u have a ball bearing turbo and if it see to much oil u will kill it! get the atp restr. throw it in and call it a day
2010-06-01 17:42:00
If it were that easy, I would have done it already. That restrictor wont work with the lines... So, does anyone know of a restrictor that will work with the stock oil feed line?
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