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Thread: sr20ve-t compression test, issues and questions

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2010-05-26 02:35:38
sr20ve-t compression test, issues and questions
Working in the garage I thought I do a compression test on the car.
The motor is det bottom end and ve head. Can anyone tell me what my compression ratio is?
Cylinder 1 - 187
Cylinder 2 - 185
Cylinder 3 - 188
Cylinder 4 - 179 - should i worry..?

factory de says allows for 14cc difference i think

Sr20vet for the win.

If I could just fix my popping issue when decelerating, but I think that caused by the open bov....? I have re-circulating I need to put it lol and I need to install my TB adaptor so I can run my b15iacv.. but just no time during the week with work.

Mirrortint I got the TB adaptor machined true, no more silicone... lol

right now gt28rs at 15psi - I spin 3rd and tq steer is an issue as well, how can I fix that or can I. I have mmi, coilovers, sway bars, track bars, 225/45/r17re07.

after doing some research I found that 20psi is max boost seen on det internals before rods bending. I just want to make sure this is correct, I never plane to take it higher than 15psi.

But I can say anyone who is debating on det or ve-t. Spend the extra money and go ve-t with a solid turbo. The best decision I ever made.


2010-05-26 02:55:17
The standard is don't worry about it if it's less than a 15 percent difference.

When I was working for gm, I could never find compression specs, all it would ever say is as long as it's above 100 psi and not over a 15 percent difference. I'd be pissed if my z06 had 110 psi compression across the board.

I think you are at about 10:1
2010-05-26 10:58:37
your compression is around 9:3:1 with det pistons and a ve head.
2010-05-28 00:20:33
thanks cortrim
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