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Thread: Turbo on Stock VE Pistons?

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2010-05-26 16:08:12
Originally Posted by crackerjack
I believe the GTIR Pistons have the right cut outs as their engines have the squirters....

they don't have valve reliefs on the piston face. I have seen multiple people destroy their ve head by crashing the valves into the piston. I am not sure what they were reving to or which cams they were using. Then again I know several people who are running this setup with out issue. I was going to run this setup but the post office did the drop test on my pistons and ruined several. So I bought aftermarket pistons and upgraded the rods for the weight loss. I hope things work out for you.
2010-05-26 17:19:29
Originally Posted by crackerjack
I believe the GTIR Pistons have the right cut outs as their engines have the squirters....

wow brilliant to hear. I did have CP pistons, Manley rods and acl bearings but have sold these as the money had to go elsewhere :-( Im fighting now to keep the sidewinder manifold and the 3071 r turbo, but feel its a waste to use that turbo on a stock DET internals engine... so will just use the GTIR T28 I have I guess :-(

if your gonna do it, do it the right way. get aft pistons suited for your needs and get some good rods. run the 30r and be happy with the power you make.

good luck.

2010-05-26 17:26:02
Originally Posted by lowproki
Rods are all the same they all are good for 400 whp

No sir. They are not the same although the ve rods have held over 400 in the right conditions..
2010-05-26 23:32:32
VE/DE rods are the same. They've been taken to 500whp+ no problem. DET rods are obviously thicker. If you have DET rods and pistons use them, they are pretty detonation resistant. If you got the cash at least get aftermarket pistons.

As for the question in the thread title I had a VE with a t25 kit @ 15lbs not a hiccup. At 13lbs the car made 288whp and the tune still had alot to go, but fuel pump died.. Although I know it's comparing apples to watermelons with my lil t25 compared to your gt30.
2010-05-27 03:39:59
Why not just run the ve stock as it is until its tuned then you will spend much less time tuning and sorting it out once (if) you have to use the det pistons and rods. I hate tuning a engine that needs to be run in. It just seems stupid to me.

This is the route i have gone down with my gtir with the stock ve-t engine.

This thing is REALLY nice to drive on the gtir t28 you just have to realise its not going to be great at high rpm (especially with 2.5" exh) and its not worth going there imo. The low rpm response is just incredible though.

Your gt30 will probably be good for the high rpm and will respond much better than with using the det pistons. It blows my mind why people want to pull apart a factory assembled motor when it likely will take what the majority of people will throw at it.... and **** even if it doesnt it will likely only crack the ring lands and not do to much damage touch wood..... the rods and tuning are the limiting factor for you.

I think the ve stock pistons are a little tougher than people give them credit for to.
2010-05-27 10:48:40
The reason im doing this build is because my NA VE snapped a cam chain awhile ago. So either way it will be a rebuild.
The reason im not doing forged internals is because right now I can not afford the forged items... I did have CP pistons, Manley rods etc but have sold them to help me live. I already have many of the stock DET parts, hence why I am still planning on going turbo....
I may be getting a bonus at work which could pay for a set of CP pistons at least and use with the DET rods... should help a bit.

Thanks for your guys replys, been great help indeed

2010-08-17 02:45:57
hi there, I am planning to do my sr16ve into ve+t
a friend give me the crank, rods and pistons of a gtir as a gift, so I don't have to spend a lot of money to make it real... Reading this post I turn myself afraid of hitting a valve with a piston , so my question is, does a thicker gasket will help me avoid this. keeping in mind that sr16ve cams lift is bigger than sr20ve:o

Thanks for any help
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