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Thread: high rpm cut out

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2010-05-18 02:37:09
high rpm cut out
Just as titled. When i accelerate it cuts out at high RPM and hesitates. What could this be?????
2010-05-18 03:30:57
Is this for a boosted SR?
2010-05-18 03:46:52
Yeah sr20+t
2010-05-18 05:39:23
Check all of your hoses and what not. Maybe there's a leak
2010-05-18 07:40:39
Coil? I had the same problem, 2nd hand coil, prob solved.

Had another forum member post this a while ago, he spent $100's on it before changing for a 2nd hand coil that was lying around in the dirt and the problem went away.
2010-05-19 00:39:05
sweet will do
2010-05-22 06:51:08
I am having a similar problem. I am gonna make sure the timing is correct check for boost leaks again, and then install a different coil if that doesnt help. Also new plugs, cap and rotor.
2010-05-24 00:58:21
spark plug gap?try .28
2010-05-24 01:09:11
nope fixed the problem it was a disconnected injector wire got pinched off somehow but all good now
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