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2010-05-17 03:12:25

this will be a fully documented build obviously for my self and for everyone on the board.

my motor cracked a ring land and melted a lil of the corner top of the piston on # 4.

so with that being said, me and junior from jmr sat down and came up with a game plan. i have never built a motor my self before. with the help of jr the motor now sits as a bare block waiting to go the machine shop.

i must say it was extremely easy to pull the motor (use to pulling motors in garages and driveways), with a lift it was a breeze.

tearing it apart agian was alot easier then i could have imagined, i cranked away randomly stopping to ask jun a few questions and he showed me a few good tricks.

basically took me 2 and a half days of getting there late, hungover,bull****ting and talking **** (this is new york lol) and leaving early the motor was pulled out and stripped down.

now on to the game plan for the rebuild.

new valve seals
cometic head gasket
arp head studs
86.5 cp 9:1 pistons
manley h beam rods
acl rod bearings
arp (i believe) main studs
new water pump
new ve oil pump
AEM standalone engine managment

the rest of my parts will be installed, s4 cams, gt28718r .86 etc etc.

the goal for the motor is 420whp at 22psi if i cant hit that im sure 25psi will make it.

cant wait to get it back from the machine shop and get back at it. the engine harness will be tucked even more and cleaned up etc.

tomorrow at some point i will post up the pics of the motor being removed and stripped and some pics of the damaged piston.

by the way i have a few parts for anyone intrested- safc2 in great shape with harness-z32 maf with pigtail-so throw me a pm if your intrested.

2010-05-17 03:15:50
Good luck on the build Stratton! Sounds like it'll be nice! I'm getting ready to rebuild mine as well! It will be my first engine build as well. Keep us posted!
2010-05-17 03:20:31
sounds great man. I to have never built one as well i have kinda started mine it out of the car at least thats as far as i've gott'n. and yet havent decided any parts still looking into lots myself. well good luck. love to see it come to life.
2010-05-17 03:34:25
Nice to see this build coming up. Make sure you post pics. Everyone loves pics. Hope you hit your goals. Would be super impressive if you made 420whp.
2010-05-17 03:44:30
Nice ideas, I would use the GE headstuds and a VE metal headgasket.
2010-05-17 03:45:48
Originally Posted by Big
Why not? Its one of the best ways to accurately tune your car. If you have the means then get good parts and build it right. Not to talk ****, but you are always trying to call people out by asking "may I ask why you are doing this?". Sorry but its starting to get a little old.

Good luck with your build man, it looks like it is going to be bad ass!

thank you big ben, you put it much nicer then i could have. i was just gonna go off lol.

coheed i think its doable man, actually it is doable and imma prove it lol.

2010-05-17 03:48:10
I would not use the ARP's ....to many bad storries with them , and I can not recoment the AEM EMS enough ..
2010-05-17 04:06:11
Good luck with the build man,

Id definetly ditch the ARP's and use the GE's or Mazworx studs and ditch the Cometic gasket for a Cosworth gasket. The difference in quality of both are night and day. I understand that JMR likes to do things the old school way but there are way better parts out there and that dont cost much more than the ones your using.

Everything else looks pretty good.

Another thing is why push that turbo to the limit. Your only asking for problems. But hey its up to you. If you still want that turbo i would stick to around 360- 380whp or so because once you get in the 400whp range you are literally pushing the very limits of that turbo.

My 2 cents. Take it for what it is.

Good luck again.
2010-05-17 04:12:53
Originally Posted by morgans432
i know you dont like me but im going to offer constructive critism on this/ask you why
why are you using AEM when you are only going for 420 at 22?

Because you can make more power at EVERY level with a standalone. There are SO many reasons to use a much more tunable product than the factory ECU. If I had the cheddar I'd have an AEM in my car when its stock.
2010-05-17 04:24:09
VE metal headgasket should be a must have for your build.
Good luck on your project.
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