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Thread: What plug gap for boosted de

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2010-05-15 17:20:29
What plug gap for boosted de
Just wondering what kind of plug gaps de+t people are running. I am planning on going to the dyno today and running around 15-18psi. I know .28 is a good start but a lager plug gap is usually better unless you are blowing out the spark.

2010-05-15 19:51:29
.028 all day 18psi t-25
2010-05-15 20:01:21
+1^^^^^ .028 DET GT28r 12-18 psi
2010-05-15 20:50:44
i think mine are at .032
2010-05-15 21:53:26
Thanks, thats what i thought. I havent had the car running in like 3 years and couldnt remember what i was using for a plug gap. LOL Didnt get to dyno today. I couldnt get the damn car to go into timing mode.
2010-05-15 21:55:56
i used .28 and .30 on my old DET T25 setup
2010-05-15 23:02:17
Mine is factory gap. I am running T25/S4 cams/10psi on a DE+T.
2010-05-16 06:21:56
I run .032, Ive gapped smaller before though. But on the VE it seems to not like the small gaps. Anything around .028 gets a partial throttle misfire, but that could just be my engine.
2010-05-16 15:37:51
on my de i ran .28 and never had a problem i would say set them at that and forget it
2010-05-17 00:17:26
I think i have a junk crank pulley, as my timing is way off. Its past the 20 deg mark when idleing at 900rpm. And with the dist. cranked all the way retarded it only gets to 20 deg? As far as i can tell the outer pc of the pulley must have spun, giving me improper readings. I am gonna throw one of my other de pulleys on and see what the readings look like idleing.
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