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Thread: Blow through/draw through differences?

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2010-05-12 01:03:54
Blow through/draw through differences?
I changed my intake to blow though today and now my car wont idle at all....just dies. It was draw through with ****ty idle, from 500-1100rpms with blow through its start and die.

Is there anything different I need to do with blow through?
2010-05-12 06:57:16
do you have any leaks?
2010-05-12 07:32:43
Why would you change the setup when the car didnt even idle right in the first place?
2010-05-12 13:14:09
you using stock maf? The stock maf just doesn't work well for blow-thru.
2010-05-12 17:14:43
Yea it was the stock maf. I switched back to draw through today and put another spring in the bov. It helped A LOT. Damn thing was leaking like crazy. I found the bov flange was leaving too, so I need a new pipe. (Dont buy the stupid swivel flange pipe, it leaks)
2010-05-12 17:16:16
Originally Posted by Johnny
Why would you change the setup when the car didnt even idle right in the first place?

I thought that changing to blow through would help rule out any intake leaks. The car was acting like it wasnt getting enough air in draw through. Then on blow through it just ran really badly.
2010-05-12 21:43:14
See thats thing. Draw through will tell you if you have a boost leak anywhere. Blow through on the other hand will keep the car running even if you have a boost leak. Blow through gets you home but you can still have a leak. Draw through leaves you stranded till you fix the leak. Get it?
2010-05-13 02:10:33
Yea well I just dont understand why my car wouldnt run on blow through.
2010-05-13 07:49:38
Look at the stock maf and you can see why it doesn't like blow-thru. Get a Z32 maf and it will work a lot better.

The stock maf can be used, but you will run a lot richer and will need further tuning. The Stock maf is horribly restrictive.
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