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Thread: q45 injectors...need resistors?

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2010-05-11 05:59:47
q45 injectors...need resistors?
As the title implies, do the Infiniti q45 370 injectors need some sort of resistor to work in a sr20? I've read where some say yes, and some say no. So who's right?

Picked up a set for cheap, and they tested good. They're the brown tops. I'd like to use them on my other de.
2010-05-15 01:35:11
What year Q45? If its the vh45de, it uses the same injectors as the 300zx TT, which are high impedence and you would not need resistors.
2010-05-15 03:24:41
A 96 I believe.....maybe 95. It was a small V8 IIRC.
2010-05-15 03:27:51
Did you have them flow tested? I have a set of brown top Q45 injectors myself and am skeptical about them being 370's.
2010-05-15 03:38:40
My friend owns his own shop, and hooked each one up to check function and pattern. Didn't have a way to measure output. Plus I don't have anything that will measure that accurately.

Conwrath, how much do you feel yours put out? If mine can move at least 320cc, that will work for now.
2010-05-15 04:41:48
Mine are putting out nothing, as they are in a box.
2010-05-15 05:49:53
I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and send them out to be flow tested.

I'm not really up to speed on the Infiniti line. But I figure they can't put out any less than 260cc. I'm going to use them on a de (no turbo) anyway.
2010-05-15 05:58:40
Cool, let me know what you find out!
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