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Thread: Max Hp numbers from a T-25 - T-28

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2010-05-11 04:43:55
Max Hp numbers from a T-25 - T-28
Just curious since these turbo are a dime a dozen and everyone has ran one sometime or another I just wanted to know what was the most power you have ever made using one of these turbos.
2010-05-11 05:06:01
I made 232whp at 6psi

edit: this was from a bb t25
2010-05-11 14:26:05
The most i've seen from a t25 is 275whp. The most i've seen from a t28 is 330whp by yours truly.
2010-05-11 14:44:01
(1)288 whp 13 psi de ve by (P10ftw) he's n here w 11 turbo
(2)317 whp de/ve t25/28 internal 13 psi one of my buddies I tuned stock Ecu afc stock maf
(3)298 whp de-t no cams t25/28 turbo 14 psi another one I did

all were internal wastegate
they can make decent hp on stock motors
pump gas reliable tunes I really never tried to max out any of these setups so I would not know their limits
2010-05-11 17:34:10
288whp @ 13psi, DE/VE mutt with a Avenir T25 on a 2 1/2 exhaust.
2010-05-11 18:24:55
I made 246whp on a T25@7psi/S4's/3 inch exhaust/calum basic.
2010-05-11 19:53:26
303 whp on a Pulsar T-28 on a stock 10:1 motor with supporting mods.
270 whp on a stock Avenir block / T-25 with supporting mods with S4 cams.

I have seen these first hand. I have heard of a lot higher. Cars tuned by Gio who posted above.
2010-05-11 22:36:05
283 on a gt28r with 3" turbo back and 20lbs w10 motor
2010-05-11 22:40:14
made 242whp at 8psi with a gt28r and s4 cams
made 300whp at 13psi with a gt28rs and s4 cams
made 342whp at 15psi with above setup and a external gate.
2010-05-11 22:54:38
T-25 POWAH dyno vid - SR20 Forum

SR20DE, T25, stock cams, etc...

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