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Thread: swapped in the det and now have oil leak...help!!!

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2010-05-10 01:25:10
swapped in the det and now have oil leak...help!!!
like the title says, i took out my uk+t motor and dropped in the det. got it for cheap cause i was told it had unknown oil leak. motor was completely re-sealed before dropped in. now i have a leak and it seems its most likely the leak from before. it leaking from the back and i think i got it narrowed down to the oil filter assembly. i think its leaking from the oval/circle part on the pickup/filter assembly. my question is can i swap out the pickup assemby from the DET with the one from mu UK even though the UK doesnt have tht oval portion on the assembly?

i wana know if i can put the filter assembly from the above pick on a DET? also if i do will this effect oil psi cause i noticed the det runs on higher oil psi then my UK did? ALL PICS AND HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
2010-05-10 13:06:05
2010-05-10 17:23:18
as far as I know all high port motors use the same oil filter assembly. also make sue the timing chain tensioner is not leaking or the oil pressure switch. I have also see the port where the oil sender connects to leak due to it being stripped or cracked.
2010-05-10 17:35:38
i have some sort of light goldish circular part connected to the assembly and i have really looked yet but i think i feel it branch off to another area via hose. i know for a fact the leak is coming from this area and i wanna just swap out the filter assenmbly from my de to this and call it a day cause i know that will not give me any problems. i know the tensioner area isnt leaking cause i fixed that leak saturday morning. i know the sending unit thread/hole is good cause i have a line to it for my oil psi gauge and there is no leakage from that area....
2010-05-10 17:36:50
its weird cause ive been searching for pics high and low and the only pic i found of a det had the above assembly and not the one that i have with that extra cirular device on it. the device im talking about seem to be connect to the above pic but on the left of the filter assenmbly, right where that block off nut seems to be in the above pic....
2010-05-10 17:43:53
my jdm de oil filter housing looks just like your picture.
2010-05-10 17:47:43
jdm DET right? the pics i found had the same one as the above pic aswell so i dont know what this extra piece is/does
2010-05-10 17:49:03
Originally Posted by 200sx
jdm DET right? the pics i found had the same one as the above pic aswell so i dont know what this extra piece is/does

nope its a plain jdm de 53j.
2010-05-10 17:50:06
yea, mines a DET, and i know theres many DET owners that read this section that could chime in at any time now

MORGANS, i know ur there aswell
2010-05-10 18:43:19
all the pics im finding so far for the DET have the above assembly...not sure what the difference is with mine....
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