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Thread: compressor surge

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2007-12-12 15:58:32
Ohh ok I didn't realize :o

It isn't hard to find flanges like in the picture, they are usually cheap too I bought one for $8 to weld to my DIY front mount set up
2007-12-12 16:05:11
again I have a slight problem welding on a flange all my pipes are aluminum and its real thin stuff
2007-12-12 16:22:42
The bosch valve has a pair of nipples on it. And I know the 911 series valve is good to 14psi. The cars run that stock. I also know it opens early/soft and is rather quiet. The only time I have seen anyone have problems with this valve is if the valve is hotside mounted and the pressure drop across the IC and piping is more than the spring pressure. As long as it was close to the tb and therefore its source of vac/pressure the delta P will be pretty small.

If you want to go hotrod BOV I really dig the jgs valve. Its pretty quiet, holds gobs of boost, adjustable, the mounting is great and it looks hot.

Edit: YAY!!!
2007-12-12 17:01:07
Originally Posted by waltg
again I have a slight problem welding on a flange all my pipes are aluminum and its real thin stuff

Take the piece to a shop that can weld aluminum. Most have no issue welding, regardless of the thickness of the piping. Just tell them where you want it and that's it.

As far as BOV's, I'd only use the Type S, if you're recirculating your charge back into the intake. If not, I'd go with something a bit higher quality.

The Forge is great, and so is the 1g DSM bypass valve. I have a Type S, and I get compressor surge, even at the softest setting on the Type S (I'm blow thru though, so no recirculation).

Keep in mind that if you're running recirc, that you have to remove the smaller spring from the Type S, and adjust the pressure using a vac pump to open at around 15~17inHg.
2007-12-12 17:48:04
I never thought nothing of it, but I'm only getting 14inHg vacuum at idle. think there might be a leak somewhere causing it?

with the engine off the needle on the boost gauge sits above zero
2007-12-12 22:08:47
It never hurts to check for boost leaks, but your boost gauge isn't going to tell you if you have boost leaks you have to make your own pressure tester.
2007-12-12 22:30:43
without a flange it will be kind of hard to test for boost leaks, but I was thinking of a leak in one of the vacuum lines not the I/C piping
2007-12-13 08:53:20
I have this non-recirc Forge BOV

..and works ok with higher boost. In the low RPM there's surge.
Thinkin' about putting in a softer spring.
2007-12-15 00:41:37
I would suggest the synapse BOV i fucking love it works perfectly really good stuff...
2007-12-18 03:35:24
the greddy type s is a pain to set if going to atmosphere
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