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Thread: b15 vet idle issue

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2010-05-02 15:29:10
b15 vet idle issue
hey guy's/gals

i am just wondering what the b15 ve-t drivers are doing for there iacv, i have been running with out one ever since i did the ve swap and i have to hold the gas down for like 5 sec then it idles by it self. now that i went turbo it puts so much more fuel upon start up or it will not idle right.

When starting i have to remove like 32% fuel with my apexi vsfc and then have to watch my wideband untill it start to run lean and return to about 10%. this issue is a pain, i know its because my swap does not run a iacv the reason for this is because in the b15 the iacv is in the throttle body.

i have might have found a solution, i bought an adaptor plate to run a b15 thottle body on a ve itm. i am just questioning it because i am running a b15 to b14 harness adaptor. So i am unsure if this will fix my issue of the super rich at idle.

any insight will help


2010-05-02 18:18:57
oh boy, this is a pickle. If you are running an adapter harness you can just find the pins on the ECU that control the IACV and make a harness for it?

If you were VE swap I would keep everything stock as possible to prevent having such issues. Perhaps you can get a better program so you aren't running so rich on cold start?
2010-05-02 21:39:32
thats my other option, because when i get it tuned, the tuner is just going to burn chips and hope he can do a time interval for removal of fuel. i could do that but i removed my iacv and sold it to a friend for his b15 adaptor throttle body adaptor to ve itm and throttle body
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