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Thread: ECM/Relay Power Issues (DET -> '02 P11) $$

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2010-04-28 20:09:25
ECM/Relay Power Issues (DET -> '02 P11) $$
Yoooo guys, I've just about had it with these electrical issues. I need some ECM/FSM/Wiring experts here. Here goes:

I just put my BB DET into my '02 P11. My original plans were to modify my '02 harness for the B14 ECU in which I did. The problem I was having was that I was not getting power to the ECM. At Pins 110 and 112 on the '02(56 and 61 on the '99/B14). 0 Volts. After a bunch of tests I found that my ECCS Off relay wasn't getting tripped(grounded) which trips the ECM relay giving power to the ECM and the Dizzy. To check whether this was my only issue, I manually grounded pin 31 on the '02 ECM( Pin 4 on the '99/B14). Doing this grounds the ECM relay magnetizing Pins 1 and 2 on the relay which allows power to flow through 5--3 and 6--7, giving power to both the ECM(thus giving power to Fuel Pump etc.) and the dizzy. When I did this, I would blow out the ECCS fuse(7.5 Amp). My suspicions were that there must be a short somewhere on the harness. After a bunch of tests, I didn't anywhere so I decided to try something different.

So after just about having it with that harness I decided to try my '99 harness. WHYYY I didn't do this from the beginning, I guess I'm just a rebel. SO much easier, no having to cut/solder 30++ connectors. **To clear things up, this DET came out of my '99 so I know the motor is good, harness is good, just needs a new home--> my '02**

Anyways, after getting the '99 harness in I was sure it was going to start no problem. Btw, there are 4 wire that need to be cut on the harness/body harness to get the '99 harness to work on your '02 chassis. Got those done. Anyways, I go to start it, and same thing! Crank Crank Crank.......no start. I bust out my DVOM and start checking power and a bunch of places. Fisrt I check my ECM relay. I am getting power(12.5V) at Pins 1, 5, and 6 on the relay(the hot side of the relay). then I checked the other side. I was getting 12.5V at Pin 2. At pin 3 I am only getting ~1 Volts( I should be getting ~12V). I tried grounding pic 2 again to activate the relay because it wasn't getting activated and I didn't blow any fuses and I was getting power to the ECM(12.5 V), therefore getting fuel to my cylinders. Still no start, no spark.

My question is, why is my ecu not grounding the ECCS self shutoff relay, pin 4 on the B14 ECM?? I have tried 2 other ecus, a '99 and a B14 ECU with the same issue.

I don't know were to go from here, I'm stumped. I just want to get my baby running again!! Preferably by this Saturday **Meet**

I would really appreciate the help, I'll even Paypal the person that solves the problem some cash moneyy. (Not much but still, better than nothing hehe)



'02 ECM Wire Diagram

'99 ECM Wire Diagram

B14 ECU Pinout
2010-04-28 20:16:11
what year B14 ECU are you using? There's a difference between the 95-97 and 98 SER ECU's.
2010-04-28 20:42:56
^my JWT is a P10 ecu, I was running it in my '99 so I know it's works. Not sure on the year but all P10 ECU's ('94+) are the same. PLUS the only differences on the '97+ B14 are the 02 Sensors if I remember correctly
2010-04-28 21:03:28
look on jwts site and match the ecu number the correct year. 91-93 ecus are different than a 94 which is still a obd1. 95+ are all odb2.
2010-04-28 21:05:22
^again, it's a '94+ P10 ECU. This motor/harness/ecu was already running in my '99, now it's in my '02.
2010-04-29 01:14:11
94' p10's were obd2 cuz there awesome like that.
2010-04-29 01:31:51
Originally Posted by blackwater32
94' p10's were obd2 cuz there awesome like that.

cuz we all know P11 > P10
2010-04-29 03:36:17
she started =)
2010-04-29 03:54:35
did u find the problem?
2010-04-29 04:09:46
Yea, hopefully she's running before the meet on Saturday!!
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