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Thread: Anyone Running Non-Synthetic 20w50?

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2010-04-30 06:13:51
went ahead and just got back from walmart (1am) lol came back with some rotella synthetic. 1st time using this stuff. Read good things about it. Got the navy blue jug in 5w40. It says its comparable to conventional 15w50 on the back so im sure my oil pressure will look better aswell as the summer around the corner. Cant wait to start it tommorrow. Its to late and loud too now. lol
2010-04-30 11:17:47
i use rotella t /6 and its really good, i like using the k&n oil filter as it filters down to a smaller micron than the purolator
2010-04-30 15:00:34
Well heres my results

Previous Penz Plat 5w30

Now - RoTELLa t6 5w40

aEM Digital gauges

Oil psi startup - 48-50
before - 43-46

Warm idle psi with engine/water temps at 180deg

before - 7-8 psi
now - 10-12psi

crusing overall i saw my oil pressure was higher and more consistant. Im liking the oil so far. LoOKS like its doin the job well

keep it mind my i think my oil pressure would be a little higher if my sender was directly off the block and not tee'd off my oil Go fast depot oil feed kit
2010-04-30 18:39:22
true on the oil press sender. the rotella holds up extremely well under extreme oil temp situations, i remember seeing a oil analasis of the rotella t6 and it had like 1480 zinc verses i believe the stynth power that was around 900 zinc, pretty high protective properties.

even though i have a gift card to pep boysi might just go to wal mart and get some rotella t6 anyhow
2010-04-30 19:46:07
Which end of the GFD do you have your oil gauge line connected?

It should be on the END, not the middle feed..

So, for example,

BLOCK->(T-Side#1)->Turbo Feed(T-Top)->Oil Pressure(Side #2)

Your feed from the 'T' should be from the side and not from the top of the T. Should be parallel w/the oil feed line. Forgot where I read that. Was some thread.

If it's coming off the top of the 'T', you'll get inaccurate readings.
2010-04-30 21:32:11
no its on the side, i had it in the middle before but then i put in on the end
2010-04-30 21:41:34
Originally Posted by s132nr
no its on the side, i had it in the middle before but then i put in on the end

weird. I have the same oil kit as you and an autometer mechanical gauge.
2010-04-30 23:11:58
I also get similar "low" readings on my GFD setup. I will have to investigate...
2010-04-30 23:51:22
Originally Posted by PWRDbyUNCLEbens
I also get similar "low" readings on my GFD setup. I will have to investigate...

Also, FSM suggests actually taking readings from the oil pressure sending unit which is where the GFD line feeds from.

It would read inaccurate if it's because we also have the turbo feed hooked onto the sending unit or the gauge needs to be in a specific spot on the 'T' I'd assume.
2010-04-30 23:53:47
yea that would seem correct and doing it the way some of you fuys have it hooked up, would seen to render the gauge useless readings
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