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Thread: Anyone Running Non-Synthetic 20w50?

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2010-04-28 15:05:55
Anyone Running Non-Synthetic 20w50?
i was at pep boys the other day picking up some randon stuff and i seen they had the valvoline VR1 20w50 racing oil, however it is a non synthetic 20w50 and i was doing some reading on non synthetics for fully built engines and alot of people recomend it and i was wondering weather or not anyone is using this and should it be used for factory tolerance fully built engines? i am looking to run something different for the summer am running rotella t 0w40 at the moment, but wanted to test this stuff out but hesitant when i seen it was non synthetic, however its supposed to haver Z and P than your notmal run in the mill oils

any suggestions?
2010-04-28 15:12:49
There is no reason to use non-synthetic oil in this day and age.

Everyone has there own preference, and many spread lies about this and that.

Just look back in the day when racers would insist upon using far inferior bean oil in their race cars, when mineral oil was far superior in every way.

2010-04-28 15:19:34
yea i was just curious about that, i was doing alot of reading up but just wondered if there was anyone whom uses the non synth verses synth and why they do. ive always used synthetic in my engine

im not saying the vr1 is more or less of a good oil becuase its not synthetic, im sure their are reasons why its non synthetic
2010-04-28 16:13:06
DougO runs it in his turbo car. I have been debating on if I am going to run it with my new motor or stick with 10w40.
2010-04-28 16:35:14
what do you feel the plus's are from running this type of oil personally
2010-04-28 16:46:01
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
what do you feel the plus's are from running this type of oil personally

The only benefit I have seen is better oil pressure at idle when the car is hot. This was comparing doug's car to my car fully warm.
2010-04-28 16:47:40
oops I did not read. Doug runs full synthetic 20w50. I also will only run synthetic oil in my car. I just tore down my de-t and it looks perfect inside.
2010-04-28 17:17:10
I am currently running 15w40 Carquest brand diesel oil lol. It seems to hold pressure pretty well after getting hot, but then again I could blow my engine up tomorrow so...
2010-04-28 17:18:12
I really like the german blend 0w30 i think it is.
2010-04-28 17:24:32
do you guys feel its safe to run that thick of oil for a factory clearence engine?
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