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Thread: Oilpan leak, boosted crankcase?

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2010-05-01 14:29:32
you mean the PCV stopped you from blowing into the Valve cover? or it let you?
2010-05-01 15:03:01
All engines have blow by. You pop the oil cap on a brand new car and you will feel exhaust gases coming out.

If I were you, I would cap off the intake manifold withere the pcv enters. Get a catch can, it can be a freaking can of dole pineapple. Run both the pcv and the crank case with hoses into the can and make sure it can vent, you do not want an air tight seal. This can be temporary just until you fix your problem.

I ran my crank case hose to the little t on the v/c, then I ran the other t to the catch can and the pcv to the catch can. I'm thinking of plugging the pcv hole and just sticking with the t since the pcv really isn't doing anything.

Go drive and see if your dip stick pops out.

After this, see what's in the catch can. You'll be glad you're not sucking that nasty **** into your engine.
2010-05-01 15:32:06
Yes, the pcv is good. It stopped me from blowing. I will try this catch can idea. So with your "dole pinapple" Idea, are you suggesting my stock one is clogged preventing proper ventilation?
2010-05-01 15:46:10
Just talked to my buddy who has the compression tester. Ima do that when he gets out of work in a bit. That'll be alot easier than reconfiguring everything. If comp is good, dole can it is ;-) thanx guys for your help thus far.
2010-05-01 17:02:06
have you seen this?

HOW TO: Reroute stock oil seperator - SR20 Forum
2010-05-01 17:43:34
I have seen that thread. I posted in it. That's the thread I refer to in this thread refering to re-routing. My can is re-routed in reference to that thread.
2010-05-01 21:42:03
Compression test results looking at motor from left to right 150, 150, 140, 155?????
2010-05-02 13:14:06
My boy who I reference quite often as my turbo go to guy says it's normal for the dipstick to pop out a little. It used to do it on his basically stock 1st gen eclipse gst. He's my tuner and who assisted in the motor swap. He also said my compression numbers are good. So, back to the drawing board? Anyone detest? Someone suggested I'm somehow boosting the oil lines to the turbo? I'd really like to not leak oil and a boosted crankcase is my only theory. All methods to suggest it though are turning up with a negative result. Still lost.
2010-05-02 13:17:49
How does he define alittle?
and to remove the oilpan you didnt pry on it with a screwdriver did you?
2010-05-02 13:30:18
no screwdriver. it was tedious without a trowel, but i ran a razor blade around the pan....alot! lol! pops out a little, like i describe from the first post. it pops out just past the rubber that holds it in. it doesnt shoot out like ive read about on here plenty of times before. it just kinda works it way out and sits there. it doesnt do it with the hood open revving with the throttle. only after rippin through the gears. it comes out maybe 1/2 an inch or an inch.
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