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Thread: Oil Weight for Summer?

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2010-04-30 02:40:41
pepboys and autozone sell german casrtol 10w30. which is ore like 10w40
2010-04-30 04:13:50
is the rotella synthetic? and is it good. ive been using pp for a while and i kinda wanted to stick with it but the thickest they offer in platinum or ultra is 10w30? would that make a difference in my oil pressure if im using 5w30 now? or should i try to get 10w40? it gets hot here in fl
2010-04-30 06:14:19
went ahead and just got back from walmart (1am) lol came back with some rotella synthetic. 1st time using this stuff. Read good things about it. Got the navy blue jug in 5w40. It says its comparable to conventional 15w50 on the back so im sure my oil pressure will look better aswell as the summer around the corner. Cant wait to start it tommorrow. Its to late and loud too now. lol
2010-04-30 11:12:54
alot of people rave abouty the rotella being one of the best oils out there over the counter
2010-04-30 15:02:50
Well heres my results

Previous Penz Plat 5w30

Now - RoTELLa t6 5w40

aem digital gauges

Oil psi startup - 48-50
before - 43-46

Warm idle psi with engine/water temps at 180deg

before - 7-8 psi
now - 10-12psi

crusing overall i saw my oil pressure was higher and more consistant. Im liking the oil so far. LoOKS like its doin the job well

keep it mind my i think my oil pressure would be a little higher if my sender was directly off the block and not tee'd off my oil Go fast depot oil feed kit
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