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Thread: blow-thru

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2010-04-25 00:35:00
keep the pics coming
2010-04-27 00:58:53
which setup is better. my maf is right before the filter on the pic above

im t25, usdm 9.5:1, DE maf, 370cc, ect ect
2010-04-27 03:03:58
Car runs fine w/ the blowthru setup, MAF is a Ford Lightning 90mm.

Depends s132nr, they say driveablilty(sp) is better w/ blowthru. Also its quite usefull if you blow a coupler off post MAF you will still be able to drive w/ it blown just wont be able to boost.
2011-01-22 01:01:27
Originally Posted by silver200
Here is a picture of my blow-thru set up. Very similar to the one posted above. My MAF is about 12" from the throttle body, and the BOV is about 10" from the MAF.

Old Bump I know!

Is this an stock T25 kit? if so are you using 3" piping for your cold side? Im trying to buy my piping but im not sure what to do by the MAF / TB which appear to be bigger than the recommended 2.5
2011-01-22 01:24:08
It's a GTI-R T28 kit, and yes it's 3 inch on the cold side.....I went w/ 3" due to the Q45 throttle body, and was also planning ahead for the GT3071R that's going on in about a month or so. If you are going to run a T25 kit 3" piping would be overkill. Before this manifold and Q45 tb, I was running 2.5" piping w/ blow through, and it worked just fine.
2011-01-22 03:53:46
Gotcha thanks so I'll prob have to get a few 3 inch to 2.5 couplers for the blow thru MAF and TB
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