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Thread: Rising rate AFPR

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2010-04-22 12:28:36
the nismo is a quality reliable unit, great for adjusting your base pressure which is what your looking for ive had mine for over 4yrs with no issues you will like it muuch more than the riasing bandaid lol
2010-04-22 12:44:22
Originally Posted by NightStalker
So did I assume correctly? Or are they the same unit?
They are likely the same unit. You over thought things. FPRs work on pressure. They don't care if it's "vacuum" or "boost". It is all the same to them.
2010-04-22 13:50:41
Originally Posted by BenFenner
You over thought things.

Yeah, I tend to do that. lol
2010-04-22 16:31:09
Originally Posted by danmartin
Almost all modern FPR are rising rate. They respond to pressure, whether it be above or below atmospheric pressure. The DE an DET units will opperate the same. Same with the NISMO unit you ordered.

I would have stuck with stock and spent my money elsewhere.

Agree, the only reason i bought a fuel pressure regulator is because i am going to run a base pressure that's extremely high, the stock regulator, nismo, or aeromotive wouldn't be able to handle it.
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