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Thread: Decking the block: How much material?

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2010-04-17 04:52:46
Thanks for the info everyone! If it's closer to a 9:1 CR from 8.5:1, that's fine. I'm not sure if he has adjustable cams I'll find out.
2010-04-19 02:42:29
that guy forgot to cut the oilpump with the block. but he might be just doing a demo
2010-04-19 04:09:30
^^^^ HAHAHA Ya I had my block milled, then bought a new pump. That sucks lol.
2010-04-19 12:57:37
I don't know that it would make much of a difference whether you actually mill the pump, or eye it. The biggest thing you need to do is make sure that the headgasket seals against it so that you're not spraying oil everywhere like I did. I think a dremel would be just fine.
2010-04-19 13:00:27
Also, I will be mic'ing cylinder wall #3 of the block he has, that we screwed the bore up in. It's a grade 2 that I know of, and they're measured in hundredths. If I get them to remove .005" from the bore, and hone it, it should be as good as new, all while not having to find a grade three piston. Then we'll hone the other three cylinder walls out and MAY still be able to use the existing rings. They look to be EXTREMELY low mileage, so I think they will seat just fine with a nice clean-fresh bore.
2010-04-20 02:47:29
remember ring gap grows by pi. So .001" larger bore means .00314" larger gap. Perfect for turbo though.
2010-04-21 16:09:17

We actually have a few DET/DE blocks with ring sets that can be used, in case the ring gap is too great once the bore work etc. is finished.
2010-04-21 16:13:43
how many guy here actually deck there blocks? i rarely see a thread like this. i will be doing it to my next vet install. i believe is extremely important to have it done on all builds.
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