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Thread: 96 B14 ECU in a 99 P11

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2010-04-16 04:40:16
96 B14 ECU in a 99 P11
I know people do this, I am just really confused on what needs to be done to make this work, there's a lot of conflicting info regarding this set-up, I am just hoping someone that has done this can give me concrete info on what needs to happen.

Tbags is selling his JWT B14 ecu out of his 96 B14, my plan is to buy it and put it in my 99 P11. Now, I am under the impression that all I have to do is is change 3 wires on the ecu pin outs and it will be pretty much plug and play, is this true? Because I have also read that I need to change the whole ecu plug to a B14 plug, that discourages me.:o

Anyhow, any help would be extremely appreciated.
2010-04-16 04:43:59
you never called me

As long as you are running an OBD2 computer you will be fine. Get the JWT computer it is the way to go and very simple. Get it reprogrammed and toss it in. Nistune doesn't make an OBD2 board.

Your P11 should have the same connector plug. That one I am not 100% positive on, but I am only aware of the RR being slightly different. 32bit ecu. But pretty sure the connector is the same.
2010-04-16 04:45:12
I have a spare computer you can use if you wanna try it out. then you can toss it in and see if it plugs in. The only 3 wires you really need to swap are for the rear o2 sensor. JWT has a write-up on the website in the tech section.
2010-04-16 04:45:47
Isn't the 99 P11 ECU the same or very similar to 99 Sentra's?

There are a few pins to kill/rewire, and unplugging of some sensors.

2010-04-16 19:42:12
Sorry Jeremy, you called while I was talking to a friend from out of state, then my phone dies while I was talking to him....ugh. Call me when you get off work, Ide like to ask you a few ?'s.

Looks like I am going to buy this guys ECU then have JWT reprogram it.

Should I go with a z32 maf or a cobra? is there pros and cons to either?
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