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Thread: Dyno'd missing 25hp help me find it!!!

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2010-04-03 22:40:28
your afrs are really rich if you cleaned those numbers up a bit i could see with a 30 plus whp gainalthough you are going to be limited with that pipe cleaning up the numbers and a 3 inch i could see 50whp gain im on my phone but byour afrs look like they are in the 10s to be you can go mid 11 s that will really help things
2010-04-03 22:46:50
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
Your missing more like 50hp.

I don't think I'm missing that much but it would be nice to have it lol!
2010-04-03 22:48:57
Originally Posted by JTstyle
I don't think I'm missing that much but it would be nice to have it lol!

Im running the same setup but i have a usdm motor, S4's, 3inch downpipe and i made 250whp.
2010-04-03 23:49:36
Originally Posted by cortrim1
you need to take some fuel out. your running rich. I would get a safc2 and retune.

12's aren't rich in my opinion.
2010-04-03 23:52:15
Originally Posted by JTstyle
I left my silencer in like a dummy so that was about 10hp. mods are
JWT ECU programmed for the following
8:5:1 W10 motor
BC stage 2 cams
T25 370cc
Z32 Maf
Nismo FPR
Stock timing
2.5 in downpipe, 3" exhaust (no cat)

I was hoping to hit at least 200hp with my setup and feedback is helpful thanks...

Originally Posted by cortrim1
you need to take some fuel out. your running rich. I would get a safc2 and retune.

Wow, Okay first of all; without sounding like a dick, your fuel is just fine. running about 11.5:1 at peak torque and over 12:1 everywhere else looks like you are running maybe a little lean if anything. That red line is set at 12:1 and you are hovering just over it.

Originally Posted by Savage
Im right there with ya JT.

How about we both just say that the dyno was reading way off? Seems like a typical internet excuse. And we can prolly pull it off cause we dynoed the same day at the same place.

I think i have timing issues. After 4500 the line is all over the place. Not very smooth at all. Im told this is caused by timing.

This dyno looks like a good high boost pull. Looks like a lot of boost though. If you are blowing spark out slightly it can cause jaggy dyno graphs. My last motor had jaggy graph and I had 90psi on 2 cylinders lol. Was smoothing up at 5?
Originally Posted by STRATTON
id say your about 10 or so whp off.

its a stock low compression det, no cams, 2.5 exhaust, super rich jwt ecu, and on 7psi. what did you expect ?


I agree 100%, 7psi is the real issue here. Crank the boost to 12 and you may hit around 220whp or so.

Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
Im running the same setup but i have a usdm motor, S4's, 3inch downpipe and i made 250whp.

7psi will not make 250whp on a t25 unless everything is absolutely optimised. A very good setup like yours got you there, with big cams.

I made 289whp on my GTiR T28 sentra at 19psi with a good setup and 2.5" exhaust, S3 cams, bored maf, 4 bar JWT program. Much bigger turbo, and a ton more boost to even get to that. The turbo was on the way out though, so perhaps 300whp was attainable. The disco went on shortly after with a Z32 maf, 3" exhaust, and 555cc injectors. After that 12psi made about 250-270whp. 17psi made about 340whp maxing the turbo out.

Get the boost up and a good dp and this number will grow a lot. By no means would I say your setup is lacking power though. stock boost levels make about the power you are making. But getting those cams to breath right will make more power. Also check your ignition timing, make sure you are running 15 and no less.
2010-04-04 00:13:12
Your definetly lacking, i can tell you the silencer is costing you more than 10 whp. My buddies f20c corolla made 10 whp less with his silencer in and he is n/a. 205whp with it in, and 215whp with it out.

You ideally lost probably 15-20 with the silencer. This was tested in many magazines both in n/a form and turbo. Big difference.

Next is your downpipe, get a 3" period.

Next, your a/f looks decent, 12:1 across the board is not bad at all. Matter fact pretty safe and you not losing much and wont get much if any more power by adjusting fuel. Timing will get you more power than the fuel. But if you had run without the silencer it might have made a change to the a/f as well. Never know.

Next is your BC stage 2's, i hate to say it but many who put them in n/a and turbo did not make much power on them. At least get jwt s4's. Sorry if it seems im a bc cam hater but im going off facts here.

All in all. Put the boost at least to 10psi, get the 3" downpipe and take that silencer out and you will be in a nice sweet spot where you will enjoy it much much more.
2010-04-04 00:32:34
My bluebird det dynoed at 185whp and 181 wtrq about 2 years ago. that was with a 3in downpipe and exhaust at 7psi
2010-04-04 00:50:41
and thats low, buddies 240 on a dynojet, old one at that, made 206whp, 7psi, no aftermarket cams, fmic, 3" exhaust all the way back no cat, and greddy knockoff intake manifold with stock throttle body. And his was running as rich as 10.5:1 from 3k to 6500, 6500-7500 was around 11.1. So his could have make quite a bit more power with fuel adjustment. But i just told him to up the boost to 11-12psi and that took care of the a/f just as i suspected it would. Nice solid 11.7-12:1 across. Stock det ecu's run rich like that.

The jwt's run pretty solid 12:1 a/f's from what ive seen. They can benifit more from bumping up the base timing a degree or two. Instead of 15 go with 16-17 base timing and i can see you picking up at least 10 across the board maybe more and still be safe or just up the boost. Its kinda an either or thing and what you want. If you want to make the most power at 7psi as you can then fine. Mess with timing and fuel. If you just want to make more power up the boost and keep your a/f good and your golden. Again dont go crazy with it. 10-11psi on a t25 is plenty and safe if you know what your doing.
2010-04-04 01:32:57
I don't think there is anyone where I am at making over 200whp on 7psi on a T25. There is one guy on a T28 and 12psi making 270whp abouts. His setup is very very good. Clean.

The T25 just chokes and up at this elevation you can't push more than 12psi without compromising the turbos lifespan. The highest dyno I've seen up here on a t25 was a GT25R and he made about 260whp on 14psi BC stg 2. With a bit more boost and some optimization he could prob get it close to 300whp.
2010-04-04 01:38:40
Here is that kid's t28 setup on 6-7psi. 2.5" VRS exhaust, stock cams vs S4 drop in. 3" intercooler piping very nicely done up. W10 DET iirc.

He was making pretty close to 200whp, but his setup was really nice, very clean, and even though only 2.5" exhaust, it wasn't a restriction at this power level. And this was a BIG trim T28.
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