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Thread: Its Been a while....

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2010-03-28 16:20:33
Its Been a while....
Ok so its been a while since i updated anything on my build or whats been going on with me..

Xmas Eve Car spun a bearing... Yep Lucky number 3 as always. Ate the bearing all up. Crank is shot and the rod is shot from all the deep grooves. Fun stuff. So ive been collecting a few things to make it a lil better and a few things that i already had...

Upgrading to 50 pound MSD injecters (i need a fuel rail)
Main and Rod ACL Bearings Standerd size
Eagle Studs
Arp Rod Bolts
New OEM Main Bolts(couldnt get GTIR mains no thanks to GREGV lol)
Going with a ZX Maf
Im getting rid of the DET pistons and going with regular DE pistons (my Det pistons are gone from detination from to much timing i guess... so 9-5-1)
Order a bunch of seals for the engine( thanks GregV)
Stage 2 Bc cams
thermo block spacers
4 peice UR set
Light Flywheel
Going with 98 rockers( still dont know if this will work anybody wanna chime in)
Clutchnet clutch
Getting rid of my Top mount and going Front Mount
Gtir t28
3 Inch DP
2.75 inch exhaust
Calum ECU
Prothanes Black
Ultras Red
Probably new water pump

What you guy think? Anything else i should get or look for?

I hope i get decent power when everything gets put together
2010-03-28 16:44:27
why need just try to get another set of det pistons cheap...looks like your list is long with trying to make your motor safer. why not just stay with the safer pistons.
2010-03-28 16:50:54
9-5-1 is that bad i dont think I have all the resources to get a good tune on the spot...
2010-03-28 17:11:32
Jensen we'll tune with my ECU. We just need to get access to a MOATES rom burner.
2010-03-28 17:29:40
what is the difference in the 98 rockers ?
2010-03-28 17:47:27
I have no idea ask joel. I think they have a deeper grove or something so it wont come out as easy if you over rev. Im not sure
2010-03-28 18:02:16
jen, i would recommend getting pistons, or at least a set of clean det pistons.

loose the ur pulleys.

other than that its looking good.

2010-03-28 19:29:40
can i ask why??^^^
2010-03-28 20:00:39
why not 3" exhaust?
2010-03-28 20:05:06
Looks like a fun build. Trying to motivate myself to get back working on mine.

I think you'll be fine with DE pistons but do they have the clearance for the DET squirters? Get some pics.
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