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Thread: Its Been a while....

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2010-03-28 20:41:00
DE pistons need to be notched for the DET squirters. One of the biggest things we wondered about, was how we should cut the notches. I would rather a machine shop do the squirter reliefs, however Jensen looked at some of the OEM DET pistons and they don't look precise, and look more freehanded.
2010-03-28 20:45:02
i dunno tek i might take em to a machine shop just to see how much they would charge to do it so. One of the guys at the shop kind of convince me to not do it myself. Something about them having to weigh the same???? He basically said that if your going to take matetrial off the piston to take the same amount of material off the others ones so they will all weigh equal.
2010-03-28 21:13:08
Originally Posted by jen36
can i ask why??^^^

well if your gonna rebuild the motor you might as well build it stronger then it already is.

as far as the pulleys go, they have a very short wall/edge and the belt can easily walk up over teh short wall. its happened to me and a few other people.

2010-03-28 21:17:56
oh i see. Well strat i dont have baller money like the Ny guys have so i have to stick with what i have. All the Det pistons that i do have or can get are all jacked up and have detonation or something stupid. You have any around?

i didnt go 3 because i already had this exhaust on the car before i went turbo
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