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Thread: 2 weeks less then 1k miles stripped ACT center hub

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2010-03-25 20:22:16
2 weeks less then 1k miles stripped ACT center hub
Since i broke springs from the disk i went with the 6 puck solid unsprung and now this....

I have not even taken this car to the track yet, nor launched hard with the car..I was at a stop light and went to go then i heard a bunch of grinding.. so i shut the car off and towed it home.
I just spoke to a rep. at ACT and just sent pics to them hopefully they can help me out..
2010-03-25 20:39:54
did you go through the break in period with it?
2010-03-25 20:40:34
WTF? Second person in less than a month this has happened to. Could you take some mega-up-close pictures of your input shaft. Use the macro setting on the camera if possible.

Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
did you go through the break in period with it?

That has nothing to do with the hub.
2010-03-25 20:45:18
thats cheap chinese crap nothing to do with break in

Act is last on my clutch list since seeing the crap that has happened on here. I will stick by clutchmaster super soft pedal and no problems yet
2010-03-25 21:05:20
2010-03-25 21:20:02
well i know it doesnt have abything to do with the hub i was just curious if the clutch was running good before the hub went to ****, i second that too act is crap clutchmasters exedy anything but act
2010-03-25 21:36:17
that is terrible. I hope they give you a new disc and that was just a manufacturing error(wrong hub).
2010-03-25 22:26:13
Sometimes I think with clutches it’s a hit and miss thing. Almost someone somewhere has had some issue with some company. Right here is a good example: morgans432 doesn't like ACT for whatever reason and loves his clutchmaster setup. I personally have been burnt twice by clutchmaster. Once way back when I had my S13 the clutchmaster clutch pretty much just turned to mush and disintegrated about 1000 miles after the break-in period. Then recently it turned out the clutch I had in my B14 that failed was a clutchmaster's clutch that literally had the rivets fall apart from it. After that I just got me a sprung 6 puck ACT and never had an issue. Not saying either is "better" or made more professionally; just saying that we will all have preferences. And sometimes it just really feels like hit and miss with things like this.

Moving on from that, that really sucks bro. It's sort of odd that this has happened now twice in a very short time on the forum. Hope ACT hooks you up; it's clearly a manufacturing error. Keep us informed.
2010-03-25 22:42:11
I agree with your statement to a certain extent. I had bad luck with my act 2600. But alot of people have had bad luck with spec, and my 4 puck worked very well for as lond as i was using it. I turbo charged my friends b14 for him years ago, and he kept getting crap spec clutches. 2 of them blew the springs out of the disc and the other one had bad hub buttons. These were all sprung 6 puck clutches. This all happened in one summer and only putting like 3-4k on the car. His car was only making 230whp and close to that in tq.

So far for the last couple years i have been running a clutch specialties sprung 6 puck and i think its a great clutch. It has been through 3 different turbo set ups so far and has seen 8-10k of hard useage with anywhere between 200whp and 350whp.

That sucks about your act. Are you gonna go with a different brand this time?
2010-03-25 22:43:20
where did you order it from? Maybe you got a fake? My ACT 6 puck has held up strong to beatings for 3 yrs.
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