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Thread: Turbo Problems Please Help!

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2010-03-21 21:53:39
Turbo Problems Please Help!
Ok, I turboed my classic and now am having problems getting it to run right.

My setup is as follows:
T3/T4 ebay turbo
370cc injectors
walbro 255
hks bov
JWT ecu tuned for 370s and turbo and pop package not sure what the changes though...

I was told it was for the stock maf therefore I tried using setting 2in 6out but wont even start. I tried 2in and 8out and got it to start but definitely wont idle and is not good with throttle response.

Im just not sure if someone can tell me by reading the ecu in the picture that it may be tuned for something else that Im not set up for or what I should try next. Any help/advice to what to try next would be greatly appreciated!

Here is pics of everything so you get a better idea..

2010-03-21 22:00:29
BTW it ran with the stock maf and built boost fine till about 4k rpm at 7lbs of boost and starts to cut out. It wouldnt run with the safc with the same in/out but ran good at 27in and 28out.. really weird but it oulled hard but I think it was maxing out the stock maf at 7lbs.
2010-03-21 22:26:55
one thing try moving the maf before the turbo might help maf is to close to tb
2010-03-21 22:34:48
Originally Posted by Bahamassr20
one thing try moving the maf before the turbo might help maf is to close to tb

I had the stock maf running before the turbo and it ran the same. I just preffered to not recirculate so I changed it

I would think that it might be too close too but it ran fine with stock maf in same position as the Z32 is now...
2010-03-22 03:22:31
you check for boost leaks
2010-03-22 03:28:38
Originally Posted by morgans432
you check for boost leaks

well I blew a couple couplers off before but I felt pretty thorough putting it back together making sure I got everything very tight this time around with good parts and its kinda hard to check when it wont even run now... lol

burnt up the starter trying to figure it out with different settings but not sure of what to do now
2010-03-22 03:33:41
you dont need to start it to check for leaks. Build a leak tester and hook it up to a compressor and blow air through the system. I dont know anything about the safc stuff so I cant really help you out on that
2010-03-22 03:42:43
ok ill definitely try that then.

also what all is in the P.O.P. upgrade packge?
I think it raised the redline to 7500 IIRC but anything else?

and it says ESER1-TMF00 on the ecu. Im unsure what that means.
I was told it is tuned for stock maf when I bought it but is there a way I can find out for sure?
2010-03-22 04:34:20
maybe 7psi from that turbo are enough to max out your maf, a friend of mine with s3 cams , p&p head its maxing out his maf at only 8psi from a little t25 on blowtrohug mode
2010-03-22 04:39:03
If you have a z32 MAF on the car and the JWT ecu is programmed for a stock MAF then that is why you car isnt running.
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