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Thread: did it die?

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2010-03-21 20:32:54
did it die?
so the lil bro came down this past week and we got some work done on his car a couple front end additions.. - G20.net - Forums we installed a walbro 255 finally since he wants to start uping the boost. the ecu was chipd by calum for 370s at stock 3bar. the car was having troubles going into boost from vacuum but we didnt have time to really dig into that.. he drove back to flagstaff which is alot higher in elevation(so the car was running alot richer).
he just calld me and told me the car took a crap while driving up snowbowl where he works at. it was running real bad and turnd off.. the only way for it to turn on was to disconnect the mass air flow sensor and thats what he did to get back down the mountain. now the car wont start at all.. he checkd the plugs and they are really dark.. im thinking the maf went out and the cylinders are flooded with fuel.. anyone?
2010-03-22 22:41:43
any ideas?
2010-03-22 23:00:33
the maf should throw a code. Check the ecu for codes or plug in another maf. I would also check the ground on the maf.
2010-03-22 23:12:36
My MAF went bad and never threw a code. Got a new MAF and regrounded just to be safe and everything was good.
2010-03-23 04:33:19
if the maf was bad the car should still start though right? its not wanting to start now..
2010-03-23 19:04:44
what fuel pressure psi should the car be at? i cant seem to find that info. the car is at 3bar..
2010-03-23 19:07:41
Originally Posted by kaotekxe
what fuel pressure psi should the car be at? i cant seem to find that info. the car is at 3bar..

43-44psi with the vac line off.
2010-03-23 19:19:51
Originally Posted by cortrim1
43-44psi with the vac line off.

i thought it was 34-36 3bar and 44-46 4bar...? its been so long since ive had to adjust mine i dont remember..
2010-03-23 19:21:31
Originally Posted by kaotekxe
i thought it was 34-36 3bar and 44-46 4bar...?

with or with out the vac line. the numbers I gave is with the vac line disconnected from the fpr. 4bar would be 58psi with the vac line off. I always adjust the fuel pressure with the vac disconnected from the fpr.
2010-03-23 19:41:01
i thought those numbers are with vac disconnected.. man idk. youve helpd me before so im going off of what you say.. thx again cortrim
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