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Thread: R these good injectors

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2010-03-21 04:34:24
R these good injectors
4# Nissan 720cc FUEL INJECTOR SIDE FEED SR20DET : eBay Motors (item 110347872408 end time Apr-02-10 05:28:37 PDT)
Going a ve head 60 trim 84 housing tring to get 450hp on a det block
2010-03-21 04:39:07
They're not well-known. The 240 community typically stays away from these and Deatchworks - the DW injectors are re-drilled from smaller capacity injectors. Some have good results, some have blown engines.

For my money, I ponied up for Tomei. Yes it cost more but you know what you're getting.
2010-03-21 11:36:14
I know a handful of guys that are running these injectors with no issues at all. Some of them like them very much. When this company first started making these injectors they had some issues. Now from what I understand they have figured things out and the injectors are flowing very close to what they say they will. They include a flow chart per injector when they send them to you.

Not a bad deal IMHO.
2010-03-21 13:42:01
oops saw those were venom not dw injectors. I would not use venom units.
2010-03-21 22:24:08
goin with the hks 740 with the vvl head i just got from andreas
2010-03-21 23:13:27
Those are the injectors i was running. Venom 720cc injectors. A couple horror stories of them not flowing up to par. But i ran them on my build for a year with 0 issues even at 4 bar at first until i retuned it to just a tad above 3 bar.

Mine came with a flow sheet from the guy i bought them from that sent them in when he got them brand new just to be safe and they all flowed between 730-734 at 3bar. They worked great and i would stand by them.
2010-03-23 12:02:31
i read horror stories when i did a search on those venom injectors.

some guys blew motors, another guy had a fire. Another guy bought a set of say 700s and had them flow tested and they came back like 400, 720,550, and 650

after reading that i wont ever buy any injector name branded venom
2010-03-23 18:01:25
Dw injectors are working fine on four cars that I have done including mines, couple of 550cc and mines are740cc. I guess I have been lucky
2010-03-23 18:09:22
Originally Posted by gio94sr20ve
Dw injectors are working fine on four cars that I have done including mines, couple of 550cc and mines are740cc. I guess I have been lucky

the dw units work great. Its the venom units that have had issues.
2010-03-23 18:12:48
Again this is probably why the guy that i got them from sent them out to get tested. Mine flowed great across the board and never had issues in the year i used them. I was scheptical of buying them but for the deal i got them for i couldnt help jump on it since they had been tried and flow tested and cleaned.

I would have much rather gotten the nismo 740's but would have cost me twice as much. Say what you want but with proof on hand i figured why not.
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