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Thread: Pics of my ve-t pistons

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2010-03-11 22:09:07
Pics of my ve-t pistons
Just arrived. I though I would post up some pics of the cp vet pistons.

2010-03-11 22:37:21
Those look... interesting. The ring lands where the valve reliefs are look mighty, uh, thin. But as long as you don't detonate you should be ok. Considering detonation likes to focus on those edges where the valve reliefs are it worries me slightly.

The mini dome in the middle is something that CP has started doing lately, I wonder if it is very effective?

I would smooth out the sharp edges, perhaps coat the tops of the pistons and give them a little more resistance.

What compression ratio are those? I will post pics of my JE customs 8.5:1 for comparison if I have them.
2010-03-11 22:42:13

My valve reliefs aren't as deep looks like? I don't know.
2010-03-11 23:37:37
Those are 9:0:1. I also have water/meth injection so detonation should not be issue.
2010-03-11 23:38:29
Originally Posted by cortrim1
Those are 9:0:1. I also have water/meth injection so detonation should not be issue.

you running stock bore?
2010-03-11 23:54:38
Originally Posted by morgans432
you running stock bore?

yes. keeping it simple
2010-03-12 00:22:46
Originally Posted by cortrim1
yes. keeping it simple

Key word when doing a good build!
2010-03-12 00:33:14
this is what mazworx told me when I asked them about the same pistons on a stock bore setup.
We dont suggest running the stock bore pistons, as we have run into too many clearance problems with them. If you dont mind running at least a .0040" piston clearance then you can run the stock bore pistons.
2010-03-12 00:59:05
I wonder what there pistons measured and what the cylinder measured after honing.
2010-03-12 01:47:52
you would have to contact them because I honestly have no idea
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