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Thread: Big Power/Boost Thread! Turbos, Wastegates, Fuel systems.

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2010-03-12 02:28:02
2010-03-12 17:44:11
I have a dual walboro set up with individual relays for each pump and they work great. I also have precision 1600cc injectors. I switched to E85 so i needed them but the idle is a little wierd sometimes. I'm not making that kind of power yet but i feel the fuel system is good for at least 600+.
2010-03-12 18:22:05
tony is probably the best in the industry, he definitely knows his ****.
2010-03-12 18:26:22
Hey Ashton, what made you go back VVL.
2010-03-12 20:01:58
The ve head for one flows a ton better and as its already been proven that they love large turbos. I know people with medium sized turbos are having trouble making decent power but large turbos seem to do very well. The other thing is the ve heads ability to easily rev high with just springs and retainers without worry of tossing rockers. You can make a de head rev high but there is always that possibility and fear if you will that a rocker will pop. So with some simple port work on the ve head its night and day difference between the two. I think it matched up with the billet 67 its gonna be insane. That motor matched with hopefully the much more durable 6 speed drive train I will be able to be very competitive without always having to replace drivetrain parts. Hoping to go deep 9 s and compete in the 67mm class. Should fair pretty well.
2010-03-13 01:11:19
If you want a 044 i have one fs from some leftovers from my car.....
2010-03-13 13:18:38
Sounds good. I know the differences I'm also running VVL head on my car but i remember you saying you would stick to the DE head a while back before your rocker jumped out.

Hey Payu that ECU is coming your way this week for sure. The guy is dropping it off today.
2010-03-14 01:21:26
Well im thinking about it, Im also still debating on just keeping the det pistons i have in there and putting the ve head with stock cams and supertech s&r's What ya think man. Or do you think i should just switch out the pistons to the Ve CP pistons and go N1's, Will it make that big of a difference with the turbo im running. I saw JP's gains with his large turbo going from 20ve cams to 16ve non n1's. Dont think he ever go to test the n1's on his setup.

Debating debating.
2010-03-14 02:41:01
im running ve head on det pistons cams straight up I will let you know how it goes.
2010-03-14 07:40:34
i have a few friends that drive Mitsu (nasty) but just hear me out. all three of their minor cars run E85 fuel with 1640 injectors and bosch 044 external pump. idles very smooth even with upgraded cams (plus everything else). Also all the cars are running in the 550+hps range. yes still little lower then what your goals are, but then again their other cars they are working on are also going to have similar set-ups but have about your range of hps goals. Good luck
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