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Thread: Custom Radiator mount

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2010-03-12 20:54:38
2010-03-12 21:18:55
Originally Posted by javierb14
I know you can fit a decent sized core up front on a sentra when you remove the condenser. I used a cross flow dual pass core from Saldana racing. They can fabricate what ever size you need, just in case you can not find something already available. If I had to do it again, i would definitely incorporate a shroud for the fan.

Huge fan of this car.
2010-03-12 21:36:13
There are a few options through summit but from what i have seen you would have to change the inlet and outlet size. I will see if i can find all the dimensions i wrote down, as i am planning on doing this as well at some point to free up some space.

Also damn nice car javierb14!
2010-03-12 21:38:24
I know just the guy to weld the outlet/inlet.
Ill also have him weld up the filler on it in favor of a remote fill reservoir
2010-03-12 21:51:02
Ok, here is what i measured a while back. You may have to cut off and weld the part on the radiator support where the 2 pieces meet and it has the uneven meatal.

23.5" wide or so x about 3" thick x 13-14" max height. For the height you will most likely have to cut off the uneven pieces of metal unless you go with a radiator that is 1.5-2" thick. In that case you may be able to get away without cutting the radiator support.

summit part #'s griffin-gri226185-x, gri256185-h, gri-2-26185xc,gri226185h,gri256185x. Most of these options should work. These are the ones that came the closest to my measurements.

I was going to try and get one without a filler neck and run a remote res. with a filler on that or a suge tank as some call it.
2010-03-13 04:20:06
Originally Posted by javierb14
It is a US SR20 low port distributor. There are two trigger disk diameters that are used on the USDM SR motors. IIRC, in the US, high ports are 54 mm and low ports are 50 mm. The Autronic trigger disk i have is a 50 mm so I had to use a low port dizzy.

how did you get external coil
2010-03-15 03:08:28
I modified the cap with a MSD Power Tip, P/N#8803
2010-03-15 03:18:40
Originally Posted by javierb14
I modified the cap with a MSD Power Tip, P/N#8803

thank you this is exactly what i am looking to do with my crane ps92 coil
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