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Thread: Another P11 bites the dust..

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2010-03-08 04:15:13
Another P11 bites the dust..
After installing some 272's last night I decided to take the car out for a test run and killed another P11. This is the 2nd one this month

On a side note, GT35R + BC3's=

I hope to be part of the Fortune 500 next dyno session

You can hear when it decided to let go...

YouTube - Sr20deep....if you can't break it...you don't make it

2010-03-08 04:24:05
Yeah ....ow did it let go just like that ?? that easy ?? damn , now you have me scared ...
2010-03-08 04:27:57
Well the first P11 was a 2001, which took 3 years of hard abuse. Track, dyno etc.

The second was a 99 so I expected it to go, just not after a few pulls. I guess its time to swap stacks in the 01' and throw it back in.
2010-03-08 04:30:41
Yeah I here the 99 is no where near as strong .....you cound cryo/shotpeen the stacks while the other one is apart , mine has been prepped , and I hope it can last a while ...
2010-03-08 05:12:51
Truth be told, that thing sounded like a cannon when 3rd let go!!!

So which part of JA you hail from??

P.S as the saying goes "your not making enough power if you ain't breaking something!!!"

2010-03-08 05:27:40
Its ya boi bgreen aka dipset. man it ate 3 third so quick it didnt last. At first i thought the exhaust was dragging. I would have pulled over and pop the hood quick to see wear the noise was coming from. Shot out to CT sr20deep.
2010-03-08 05:35:43
A guy I know killed 4th in his P11 trans the 01 versions.
2010-03-08 05:52:17
I killed 2nd in my trans. but 2nd gear is the weak link in the trans. The 2nd gear is cast into the input shaft. The cast gears don't take to abuse as well.

But as long as you don't slam gears really hard you shouldn't have any problems until over 500whp. But like any SR trans you have to take it easy on them. They aren't built to take a lot of abuse, P11/B15 or not. Remember, they are just sentras

BTW Heavy shockproof doesn't really help these trannies. just use the lighter weight stuff.
2010-03-08 13:14:33
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
A guy I know killed 4th in his P11 trans the 01 versions.

Yeah, the OP killed 4th in his 01+ P11. Which is why he put the 99 P11 back in
2010-03-08 13:15:09
On a side note, badass J! Did you get that file? Did it work for you at all or did you not mess with it?
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