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Thread: Morgans432 dyno numbers

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2010-03-08 00:32:21
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
You guys are really annoying. Since when did I talk about my setup that wasn't related to the thread and issues he had. Like the boost creep with the smaller wastegate. So in other words you were being a Dick. I said I was having the same issue with my old setup at the same power and boost level. So if you don't like my comment ignore it. Plain and simple.


Ashton, you've mentioned your builds in damn near every thread I've seen. I just chalk it up as you adding your .50, so I learned to ignore your comments in many threads. No offense but it's true.

If you don't like their comments, you didn't have to respond. You could have ignored everyone...
2010-03-08 00:39:39
And i usually do. I mention stuff from experience to help others out. I already know everyone has seen my builds and what they made. But im sure most dont know details about it.

i do it to help out. He was having the same issue i was having and i just stated that. i didnt say oh my build is awesome or wow we are making the same power or i made more power or any of that.

i stated i was having creeping issues with the 38mm gate on such a large turbo and congrats on the numbers.

Again take it for what it is. To be helpful. Its people like that taking comments like mine as being a showoff or bragging that make people like me and others not even want to post anything helpful anymore.

And thats where its leading. I havent posted anything that wasnt first hand experience. At least unlike most im actually doing all i can to get out, try things out, and keep the SR20 fwd scene alive. because honestly its pretty dead already other than a handful of people doing some big things. And those are the true enthusiasts.

Anyways sorry for the rant but i feel it needed to be said.

2010-03-08 00:42:34
Originally Posted by Coheed
its all about the placement of the wastegate. Mine crept a bit on the log manifold on high boost in 4th and 5th gears. I've got two now so no worries lol.

Originally Posted by dropkit
congratz on the numbers morgan

as for the w/g creeping issues, I haven't had any issues w/ creep :S. Running the same setup (turbo w/g combo)

Originally Posted by carfreak240
im just sayin man, my tune is way off still in high 10's afr and pulled 381whp@14psi on sc61 and a semi log manifold

And all 3 of these posts were not in somewhat related to their car?

exactly and this isnt the only thread this has happened in. in other words im not the only one that gives off experience posts in threads. im just on more and do it in more threads. Sorry... Geeze
2010-03-08 00:43:13
Originally Posted by morgans432
Everything is for sale minus the turbo that thing is staying with me I love it

SC-61 is a great turbo for the SR. It is still a front runner for my turbo choice.
2010-03-08 00:47:16

Drop it. Stop cluttering up the thread even more by defending yourself time and time again...
2010-03-08 00:54:00
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
SC-61 is a great turbo for the SR. It is still a front runner for my turbo choice.

I belive it is the SC62 , I wonder how differant the spool is compared to his older sc61 ??? it has got to be fast since the is no back pressure without a down pipe...
2010-03-08 01:07:22
Originally Posted by morgans432
Everything is for sale minus the turbo that thing is staying with me I love it

What rpm do u hit full boost? 5k?
2010-03-08 01:39:04
its hard to tell without an exhaust to be honest. But I would say 4500 or around there
2010-03-08 02:54:43
I tend to like ashton's comments about his experiences. I feel it adds to the thread as long as it is on topic, which his comments were. I talk about my setup compared to others all the time. We learn from each other this way.

Carfreak240, you did make good numbers but it was on one freak run. I believe most of your runs were in the 340-350whp range on 14psi. You made one run at 381, which may or may not have been repeatable. I can't explain why you made a random 30whp, who knows?

But you have a SC6176e right? That turbo is good for over 600whp easy. The smaller SC61s aren't. just food for thought.
2010-03-08 03:44:38
morgan, maybe i missed it but what is the exact set up of the motor ?

is this your 16ve piston de+t you were preposing a few weeks ago ??

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