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Thread: finally ! upgrading my turbo !!

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2010-03-05 00:13:58
finally ! upgrading my turbo !!
whats up guys.

ive finally decided to upgrade my turbo. even though as the car sits now with 305whp @ 15 psi the car spins the rt615's reall quick all the way threw third .

im going with a disco potatoe. i think this is the perfect choice i wanted a 718r but feel as if thats to much for my stock jdm de. i want my motor to last and for the extra 30 or so whps ill sacrafice for a bit more longevity.

im also getting the engine bay wire tucked and a few other misc things.

i cant wait to get to drive her for the first time on 18 psi ! think ill need some new drag radials lol.

im hoping i can hit 350whp or so ill dyno shortly after.

2010-03-05 00:27:48
sounds fun man! IMO discoes are the way to go! great power to show off but not to much power to where your car is just a tire burner...excellent choice my man!
2010-03-05 00:32:31
oh boy Nissan in the ville all day !!!!
2010-03-05 00:38:49
That's what I am talking about. Go big or go home!
2010-03-05 00:40:33
the gt28rs is one of my favorite turbos. It was great on my se-r and they totally nasty on my boys twin turbo 350z.
2010-03-05 01:25:33
yeah man, im really looking foward to a real intresting summer.

gonna get some drag radials on my spare nx rims and hitting the track in may !

2010-03-05 01:28:54
i am looking forward to putting cortrim1 gt28rs on my sr20ve-t. what clutch set up u running.
2010-03-05 01:34:06
im running a extreme pressure plate with an 6 puck sprung disc. will hold the power no problem.

2010-03-05 01:39:24
Good stuff bro. Definately a fun ass street car. 11's are knockin!
2010-03-05 01:39:55
Originally Posted by STRATTON
im running a extreme pressure plate with an 6 puck sprung disc. will hold the power no problem.


how is the driveability.. right now i am running a act hdss, i know that wont hold the power of disco potato. cortrim1 recommened the same set up or a 6puck on hdpp. I think i might go with that, or see when she starts to slip... then replace. and sorry to ask a q on ur thread, not trying to take it over.


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