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Thread: finally ! upgrading my turbo !!

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2010-03-18 23:20:26
turbo still hasnt come, plent of other stuff from presicion has arrived but not my turbo, the guy says it should be here tomorrow !

i hope so, cars looking good, got new rims thrown on, tomorrow gonna slap some suspension technique.

jr's doing a mild tuck/cleaning up the engine bay. i dont want to pull off the fenders so its going to be mild like i said, and once the turbo is there gonna slap that on. and just need to fix the battery tray in the hatch etc.

2010-03-23 01:25:27
Originally Posted by Johnny
He didnt even get the turbo yet lol. Much less put it on! How did he inspire you?

HEY, i was caught up in the moment ok....lol.

Originally Posted by cortrim1
I hope you are not going to try and run this on a stock manifold.

to late...
2010-03-23 02:32:53
14-18psi i could see a 300+ whp number on the 2871r.

my fully built motor and the 86ar 2871 put down 276whp @ 13psi (was tuning for 22psi, but my intercooler piping was beadrolled so i kept blowing off the pipes at 13psi) and the 2876 was on a richer full boost the tuner said i could have seen at 13psi a extra 30whp if i could have gotten my top end a little more lean

you will enjoy the turbo, they are no joke, and to be honest the 2871r is much better than the disco i think, i see onset of boost early and fast it puts out more top end than the disco, i like mine im sure you will like yours
2010-03-23 03:04:29
^ im sure i will bro.

looking foward to just going out for a nice cruise, laying some smack down on some random people.

im also looking foward to scaring the **** out of my girl friend haha.

2010-03-23 10:52:16
hehe i wish the 200 scared the kel some time i think the truck is faster lol ...is the nx going to be ready for the summer
2010-03-23 20:53:34
ill give the kels a ride.

yeah man ill stop by this weekend with the car.

you need to get some exhaust fool ! your stock exhaust is chocking the ever living **** out of that ve.

2010-03-23 21:06:12
you need to post some new pics bro! new wheels c/f hatch, lets see it!
2010-03-24 23:07:42
im gonna try and grab some pics tonight.

just got back, totally demolished a done up sti on the way home, washed the car, gonna go eat and go for cruise.

16 pounds the car is wickedly fast, fastest thing ive ever been in, it does not and i mean does not stop pulling.

totally glad i went with this turbo so far, the lag is what i was looking for, i get traction now !!

jun did a really nice job, it didnt cost me no 70grand either LOL.

ill have a more detailed opinion after some driving.

2010-03-24 23:15:29
did you use 2 big bottles of nos to beat the fully done up sti yo?
2010-03-25 02:34:53
Originally Posted by morgans432
did you use 2 big bottles of nos to beat the fully done up sti yo?

you refering to the bgreens sti thread ?

just got back from a lil ride, man does this thing drink gas when your foots in it.

its tons faster then it was, more hp, more tq and way more acceleration and top end. i can finally enjoy upper rpms and shift at 7700 rpm, its only 16psi and it pulls really really good. i cant imagine 20psi. im going to up the boost when i retune it.

still have a few lil button'n up to due under the bay (gotta get a overflow tank, re-polish/re-powedercoat my hot pipe, cause it had to get lengthened. but all in all the car is 100% solid and bad ass.

scraped off a few cars tonight, a mustang, a turbo spec v wich was surprisingly faster then i would have guessed, but i still spanked it by cars.

and the best run of the night was with either 08ish 996 turbo or a 911 turbo, both share the same body i know, so wich one was it im not to sure. they share the same turbo 3.6 motor and i believe they share the same out put. i put over a car length on him by the time i shut it down 120ish, i was pulling pretty hard on him too. he drove past and gave me the thumbs up wich is always nice. i was thoroughly impressed with my car tonight.

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