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Thread: finally ! upgrading my turbo !!

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2010-03-05 12:51:36
Originally Posted by STRATTON
cory, just lets talk about this for a sec. think itll be fine. alot of people are telling me to go with the 718r...

really i want more power as much as i can get safely. i know i have gone over this a bunch of times with you guys lol.

a 718r is a 400whp capable turbo. dont think that would be to much for a stock jdm de. or are you saying at 18 pounds it will be fine ?

what ex housing would you recommond ? got a direct link to the website ? im a turbo noob really (ive been running a gtir-t28 for almost 3 years LOL ;( ).


I ran mine a 18psi but I ran it external gate. this on a stock jdm de. If you are looking for 400whp the gt2871r is the way to go, but you will not hit 400whp until 20+ psi. Remember both the gt2871r and the gt28rs use the same turbine . the gt2871r has a larger compressor wheel.
2010-03-05 13:02:29
Once you get the Disco youll wish you got the 2871 in the first place. Stratt I understand what your going through and all Cause I went through the same thing...what if I dont like the spool, what if its not enough power, what it I want to go back. Well I can tell you that you will NEVER go back to having anything other then a Nice, Midsized, very good spooling turbo, once you do it. Get the Gt2871 man. Skip the Disco. My turbo is about the same size as a 71r and im in love with it. I can turn the boost up high and run with tehbig boys and beat the really laggy ones. Or I can leave the boost low and just have a nice midranged car that is easy to drive.
2010-03-05 13:38:28
I would go for the 2871r myself. My cousin used to run that setup and at 18psi the car was scary. I am pretty sure he ran the .86 exhaust housing as well. This was on a bone stock jdm DE that ran hard for about 3 years or so without an issue. The car was daily driven and had seen rev limiter plenty of times. I had a .63 2871r on my GTi-R setup but unfortunately an issue popped up with it and I decided to buy Nick's old SC61. Go big or go home.
2010-03-05 13:42:36
Go Responsive or go home! Its no fun playing catchup!
2010-03-05 14:00:52
Lol thats true but I think the 2871 is pretty good as far as lag. Has some but not bad at all. Plus, i'm sure Strat knows how to brake boost.

The SC61, yeah that was lag central. lol
2010-03-05 14:10:53
Here's a dyno that Jeff Evans did a while back ago comparing the GT28RS T3 .82AR (solid lines) vs. GT3071R .63AR. Both at 12psi on a stock B18C1:

/thread. lol.

I love the disco. You can make more power on the larger GT2871r, but boost onset is almost 1000rpm later. and it doesn't make that much more power. Of course i would get the .86ar T2 housing.

I ran 18psi of boost for 6 months on pump with a disco and never had a failure. It made 270whp and 320tq on 12psi with a 15psi spike.

I guess if you really want all-out power you should get the bigger turbo. But you will sacrifice spool doing it. people have made 370whp on a disco when pushed. How much power do you need?
2010-03-05 15:44:28
Originally Posted by Johnny
Go Responsive or go home! Its no fun playing catchup!

How good is responsive when you can get flown by like an out of control rocket?

It's all about the 1320 not stop light to stop light!

Stratton go 71r. Your DE will take it like a champ and still ask for more.
2010-03-05 17:22:01
then thats what im gonna do then guys. yall talked me into it.

718r with the 84 ex housing it is. no external gate though.

thanks !

2010-03-05 17:23:30
Originally Posted by STRATTON
then thats what im gonna do then guys. yall talked me into it.

718r with the 84 ex housing it is. no external gate though.

thanks !


You will not regreat it. The car is going to be a animal. Get ready for wheel spin city!

225 50 15 drag radials will help you with that
2010-03-05 20:05:04
Plan sounds great stratton cars gonna be a beast.
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