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Thread: New Setup for this next Fall/Winter

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2010-03-02 13:39:19
New Setup for this next Fall/Winter
Well first things first, im going to get my 10 second pass with my current setup and that is final, not giving up on that. Hopefully a low low 10 but ill be happy with anything at this point, haha And after that is completed i think im gonna park the car and give a refresh with some big changes.

Here are my thoughts/plans

Sell off my current turbo, manifold, wastegate, Jwt s4 cams, trans, and possibly twin disk if i cant get some new disks for the 6 speed.

My plan is to pull the motor, tear it down to give it a refreshing with new bearings, rod bolts, and VE pistons either in 86.5 if the bore is good or 87 if needing to be honed out.

VE head with BC springs and retainers and N1 cams, adapt my intake manifold onto the VE runners.
Precision 6262 turbo with .96 T4 turbine housing.
Custom made turbo manifold to mount the turbo up front next to the radiator
44mm wastegate,
ID 1000 CC injectors
Bosche 044 Fuel pump with -10 AN feed and -8AN return to a modified sumped fuel tank.

Plan to shoot for 700whp at the most.

6 speed conversion and hopefully i can get competition to make me a set of disks for the 6 speed without having to get rid of the entire clutch.

Only thing im kinda debating is what to use for management. I was thinking of wiring in an S13 harness to use a realtime s13 ecu and that way i can have the COP and not have to worry about the ignition system being able to handle the power,rpm, and boost levels planning to be ran.

I think that would be the cheapest and easiest route as the realtime is something i have the most experience with.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Its time to make the car into a true drag car, still capable of being street driven if i want to take it out on the weekend but daily driving it will not happen. I really want to get into the SFWD scene and start competing and competing reliably within the next year or so.

BTW the car is getting a new look as well with a fresh Abyss Blue Pearl paint, 93-94 bumper, and CF hood.
2010-03-02 14:20:20
Sounds like a plan, goodluck with the project.
2010-03-02 14:25:11
All I am going to say is that don't forget to keep it simple. You will get the best results. Goodluck on the new build.
2010-03-02 14:34:18
Oh yeah all my setups have been simple again nothing crazy and the only reason for switching management is I don't think the stock ignition will go any further than what I'm already pushing it to I could do some wires and a stronger coil but even then it will only go so far. But yeah hopefully the 6 speed will prove durable and I know the spec v axles are pretty stout as well. We will see how it goes.
2010-03-02 15:06:33
you will find out real quick what your weak point is with that much power. Gl with it and hope you do well.
2010-03-02 15:12:28
Go with supertech springs and retainers that are a better choice, almost all the ve guys are running them. I don't know what you run for fuel but you can't run Q16 with the ID1000's
2010-03-02 15:22:25
I would also raise the compression in the motor and keep stock bore with custom cp pistons. I would run 2 boschs or an aeromotive unit. That manifold you have now I would throw away to be honest (both exhaust and intake). Run 1600cc injectors or 12000 and have fun. Money will be a big factore because all of things you talked about are not cheap and things break.
2010-03-02 15:23:42
No c16 and from what I heard there are a couple people running q16 with them without issues but I will stick with c16. I'm sure it will do well.
2010-03-02 15:33:41
Most of the big Honda guys are using the bosche pump single they say the aeromotive has trouble keeping up. Oh I know parts break. Been there done that. My motor has been pretty dang reliable thus far for the amount of hell I have put it through in the last year. Hell I already proved my wife wrong by the motor lasting at least a full year 10k miles of absolute torture. Seen 12k rpm a couple times when something broke at full throttle and not a hiccup. Couldn't have been happier and if love to push this one as far as it will go and see how long it lasts but I'm uncertain as the ve head seems like the better way to go for revving high reliably and making efficient power and big power.
2010-03-02 15:39:06
good luck sir set the bar high so I can have something to shoot for.
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