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Thread: 10 second SE-R

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2010-03-05 00:56:43
Originally Posted by jere
This is one of the cars, that if it is still together in 30 years, would be worth $100,00. maybe more (not accounting for inflation). Hopefully the owner catches on to that and takes care of the car.

you do understand this is a sentra right?
2010-03-05 05:08:17
Thats what people said about the old Datsuns. The ones with history are selling for that now. It is what happens when guys like us get old and get money.
2010-08-29 19:59:28
Small update on the car, In the 1st vid I posted he was making 450hp. Later they tuned it a little more and turned the boost up to 29psi and made 475hp.

So I went by the shop yesterday and the car got a new turbo (GT35R)and intercooler and pumped out 520whp @ 7500. I asked more questions like why only 7500? why not to 8k? Well stock valve springs, stock cams, factory headgasket and factory head bolts lol. The JWT rom tune is a 5 year old tune. The car is going back to the track thursday night for 1/8th testing and then IDRC again saturday. They are hoping for a high 9 pass should be good.
2010-08-29 20:41:40
Some S4 cams, BC springs and retainers and rev linit up to 8000 RPMs would bring another 45-50 WHP. That would be a cool 530 WHP. With that power he could run 10.5-10.2.

Hope he does these upgrades.
2010-08-29 20:41:56
Very nice to see another se-r out there doing big things. He shouldnt be afraid to take it to 8k on stock springs and retainers and stock cams. I was pulling 8k all day long with jwt s4 cams on stock valvetrain.

However i would be worried about the factory headgasket and factory headbolts going up that high. I know they will hold pretty good power but yeah definetly pushing it. At least get a VET gasket or better yet a Cosworth headgasket and put some GE studs or Mazworx studs on there and go for more.

The 35r has a lot more in it than that.

Cant wait to see some new numbers.
2010-08-29 21:22:36
He is still on the log manifold, After next weekend we will find out if he is going to swap in a VVL head since his pistons are cut for it too.
2010-08-29 21:35:25
This is going to get intresting.

My friend Greg who has a GT35R turbo at 25 PSI picked up 45 WHP on a VE going from log to equal length manifold. He made @ 25 PSI 506 WHP on log and @ 25 PSI 551 WHP on equal length manifold.

Then he changed his JWT ECU from 3 inch Z32 MAF to 4 inch Fordlighting MAF and made 10 more WHP, he is now up to 563 WHP @ 25 PSI.

If your friend stays at 29 PSI and switches to a log manifold and to a VE head he will be at 600 WHP. At that level he can get a 9 sec pass.
2010-08-29 22:54:08
I would love to see a sentra make 9s. These cars make me wanna mak mine into a track car
2010-08-29 23:09:13
Is there any information on the motor in this car? (the main white car we are talking about in the thread).. It sounds like its stock since its on a stock headgasket and headstuds.. very impressive if it is!!
2010-08-29 23:25:08
yes it is impressive, and can't wait to see the new times. GL.
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