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Thread: 10 second SE-R

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2010-09-06 00:13:07
When ashton runs back to back 9's and not breaking anything I'm sure he will take notice then.
2010-09-06 01:33:22
Clutch master actually has 3 combinations of the twin disc clutch.

1. Straight metal disc
2. 1 metal disc and 1 organic
3. Straght organic.

They always try and push the straight metal disc setup which is really to harsh.

As far as the transmissions go there is a reason why there is the 91-99 SR20 box and the 00-02 gear box which is stroger.

Nissan has a weight to power % that the transmission must meat. In the USA the SR20 equiped cars 91-94 140hp, 95-97 130 hp 98-99 125 hp. So even theough the weight was going up the hp was going down.

When the 00-02 cars came out they ran into the weight going up and the HP going up. The RR motor made 145 hp while the cars it came in had the most weight. The older 32 series transmission did not meet the specifications. This is why the newer gear box was made.

The 6 speed gear box was designed for a wider rage of cars with way more WHP and torque with way more weight. Maxima 255 hp @ 3300 pounds, Spev V 175 hp @ 2800 pounds, Primera P12 204 hp @ 3000 pounds.

These 6 speed gear boxes have not been having any failure rates as far as gears go in the Maxima. I would say your average 2500 HP SER with 300 HP puts down about the same load on the gears. Just by folloing Nissans specifcations you can see that the gear box breaking point will be much higher.
2010-09-06 04:43:51
Yeah just as i said. If you think about it just from an engineering standpoint the numbers dont lie. Ive seen some pretty big hp spec v turbo builds and turbo VQ builds and not having problems with the box.

A guy i knew a while back in town that used to hotrod his specV around like a little ricer got soooooo much crap from the nissan guys when he screwed up his tranny syncros to the point he couldnt even go into some of the gears. He was soo proud of himself too for messing it up and getting it replaced under extended warranty. We just said your an absolute retarded driver if you can mess up that 6 speed box. Because they have been known for being bullet proof since coming out in 2002. Ive yet to hear of any turbo spec V guy or anyone sheer a gearstack to bits.

So i mean the numbers dont lie. But again its money and we have used the stock trannies for a long time. Again ive never broken a trans at the strip even with hard launches. Always on the street that they have given way.
2010-09-06 04:53:25
Ashton u were preloading off the line too right? And you guys are preaching to the choir about the 6spds strength. Since it's not my car or money lol it's his choice in the matter.
2010-09-06 05:13:40
Oh yeah, Preload enough to where the front of the car squats down, lol. It just didnt like a dead hook on the new 25"X8.9"X13 m&h slicks at 9psi of pressure from 8k rev limiter launch. I preload the drivetrain at 5k and when the yellows fall, throttle to the floor, and as soon as that 3 light hits i drop the ebrake and go. Usually the slicks just break loose initially and it pulls hard while spinning the slicks but that last time out it just solid hooked, I couldnt believe it. haha.

that was my first time breaking an axle. Snapped it right at the hub. Not fun at all. Those axles were 3 years old though too and had been through hell on the dragstrip but they definetly were not gonna hold to that kind of abuse. Had i let it roll out a bit from the preload then dropped it probably would have been fine but who knows. All i know is the spec V axles make our stock ones look pretty small. And our axles our pretty beefy as they are.

We have been using stock oem parts from the beginning so why not continue on to better things with better oem parts. The hondas got really strong trannies from the very beginning with their b series trannies. There are people going 9's all day long on stock trannies. And their biggest problem is cracking cases from gearstack separation not sheering teeth off. Lucky honda boys and their strong trannies. Its too bad they gotta sleeve the block to go as high as we can motor wise. lol. Its a trade off of sort. We still got the low end of the stick though.
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