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Thread: Twin Disk Failure!!!!!!WTF Pics inside

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2010-02-21 02:01:15
the site says a 90 day limited warranty on workmanship and material, they say nothing else will happen if it last 90 days then it couldn't be a material issue
2010-02-21 02:05:59
I have had this happen on multiple occasions on different clutch setups. I went through ACT 6 pucks every one to two months. It was the most annoying **** ever. Once mine went, that was it. All I got was the noise and the car was stuck. I know I always felt something was up with the B13 trans I had in the car at the time. It damaged the inside of 2 ACT 6 pucks and 2 JGY 6 pucks just like that. I ended up blowing that tranny apart. I just bought my VE and couldn't afford another trans so I cleaned out the inside, filled it up with some oil, and rocked out. Boom, another 6 puck was gone doing a 2nd to 4th gear shift, lol. I ended up swapping in the B14 trans I have now and thank god (knocks on wood), I haven't had an issue. I believe the input shaft on the trans was the reason for this. I tried getting mine warrantied and they were telling me they make the splines weaker on the disk to save the input shaft. Good luck man!
2010-02-21 02:20:31
Yeah I see what your saying thinkinjg the imput shaft could help contribute to this. I saw afcter this happened to me you could see that the shaft was slightly wore down from spinning in the disk and everything...
2010-02-21 02:27:33
Dont think thats the case. There is no damage at all period to the input shaft. Even after spinning that one disk and almost the other. The gearset is a very very low mileage 38k mile gearset from a 99 P11. So I dont think this has anything to do with it. There are a couple other people ive been reading that this has happened to. Especially with competion clutches. Happens on the honda ones too. From what they said they are pretty good at working with you to resolve the issues with this problem so we will see on monday when i get a hold of them.

Again 1500 miles and 3 passes on clutch on slicks. Other than that its all spin on street tires so there is really no reason for that to happen. Not from an 800 ft-lb rated clutch.
2010-02-21 02:32:13
you just cant win buddy. If i was you I would of been chillin on the sidelines by now haha.
2010-02-21 02:34:58
Yeah now that i have the motor taken care of its all the small little crap. hahaha.

I dont give up on things especially when thats who i am and what i love to do. This is my one and only sport i actually love to do and am pretty freakin good at it. haha.

I spend my spare cash on it, as i dont smoke, i dont drink, i dont party and blow money on that kind of stuff. I blow it on my car hahaha. I love it.

My one other enjoyment in life is my wife and daughter. Love them to death.
2010-02-21 02:36:21
I respect that
2010-02-21 02:44:02
Good stuff. I noticed the same thing as Cory. After having it happen a few times the input shaft was worn down a tiny bit that was noticeable. That may have contributed to it. I'm sure they should help you out man. That clutch should be able to hold even the raw power of a b16.
2010-02-21 02:51:13
Hope they help you out somehow, I think twin disk on less than 500-600 tq is overkill though. Just go with a solid 6 puck.
2010-02-21 03:10:35
I have a 4 puck ....hope it holds
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