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Thread: Twin Disk Failure!!!!!!WTF Pics inside

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2010-02-21 01:17:05
Twin Disk Failure!!!!!!WTF Pics inside
Well i went out of town last night to a nearby cities Cruz night and then on the way back me and my buddies turbo nx were just having some fun on the freeway with some 3rd and 4th gear pulls absolutely demolishing the tires on my end. hahaha

I cruz back up into town and come to a stop at the light and went to put it in first and this horrible loud metal grinding/whirrling sound came from the tranny. The car would still move and go but each time id put the clutch in and shift it would make that grinding/whirrling sound. I knew something was up as it felt difficult to get into gear. So i was thinking maybe a flywheel bolt backed out and was contacting the first disk plate. Pulled the trans today and to my dismay i found this.

The second disk, one closest to the PP was completely stripped. The first disk on the flywheel was almost completely stripped. It was still catching enough to grab and get to the house.

My question is Why the Hell would a company that says it supports 800 ft-lbs of torque make the metal where the input shaft goes softer than the input shaft itself. My clutch costs 6 times the amount of a new trans or gearstack. This is rediculous and absolutely unexpected. Just cant win lol.
2010-02-21 01:18:10
BTW this clutch is brand spankin new, The PP and flywheel and center plate is in perfect shape. No hotspots at all, no wear at all. I put 1500 miles on this clutch. Yes hard abuse but still, There is no reason for that crap.
2010-02-21 01:19:45
Post a stock picture or something...was there meat on the end of the disk or is that what its supposed to look like?

On a side note. Once I get my NX back on the road I wont be beating on it as much as I used to!
2010-02-21 01:21:30
Yeah its a solid iron disk. Full race disk. It has full meat on it. Just normal markings on it and again no wear or hotspots at all on the PP or flywheel. Definetly a material failure right there. No reason for that crap. I think im gonna contact Competition Clutches and see if they can remedy this at all.
2010-02-21 01:38:37
Ashton, who makes it?

2010-02-21 01:42:29
Twin disc is not made for getting groceries and lively jaunts to the golf course. They know what you are going to do with it. You deserve a refund.
2010-02-21 01:44:38
Its a competition twin disk that I bought off a forum member, he would need to be the one to get a refund. I don't think warranty are transferable
2010-02-21 01:49:45
I've had this happen aswell with my act 6 puck.. the one i replaced it was about to do it aswell but I pulled it before it could happen..

I think its from the bore being maybe I bit to loose, and then when repeated abuse it wears down. I know no one could really believe that it happened from jus 300whp. Well I guess it wasn't a fluke and it does happen... I would think it should be case hardened steel but maybe its not.

Deff no excuse for this though. But I never got anywhere w act...
2010-02-21 01:50:45
Sounds like to me your fcuked. Like what Ben said above though, They aren't made for daily

driving thats for sure.

2010-02-21 01:53:53
I always thought that a dual plate system was recommended for engines making 600-700 HP.
Looks like they can't even hold 500HP. Dam bro does that come with a warranty?
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