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Thread: what size are stock det injectors?

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2010-02-24 17:49:12
Originally Posted by sr20aaron
you should start a thread about the lowest possible hp out of a de! maybe some 8.5:1 pistons are in order? is it a highport? probly toss some lopo cams in there just for good measure.

I agree 100%, lower compression and less aggressive cams. Add lots of fuel and back off timing to 8*. That should make you slower than a ga16!
2010-02-24 17:49:22
You know this isn't the best mixing of parts, but the information has some worth. I don't think anybody else has really talked about this type of setup. I guess if somebody ever wanted to drive their car to a shop to get a turbo put on or if they just needed to move the thing to go get it tuned. It seems from this info that the car would probably make it.

The lowest power DE idea is hella funny. Go for it.
2010-02-24 17:57:25
Like I said earlier I know it will run but the amount of unburnt fuel in the exhaust is crazy and you will get horrible horrible gas mileage. In temporary situations it is ok if that is all you have to move the car from here to there. It will be a great idea when the cylinders get washed down with gasoline and your oil is full of gas every 500 miles or less
2010-02-24 19:04:08
10 steps to acheiving your dream car
1 F*** 370s, try 480s
2 lopo cams
3 det pistons
4 steel wheels+drop tire psi to 15-20psi
5 some dank dropzones
6 back off timing
7 turn ac on and break the switch
8 make a wai using 2" pvc piping
9 ga16 exhaust
10 rear drum brakes
Hey, i think i just solved the wheelspin problem! Tranny is still in danger though...
2010-02-24 20:59:46
You forgot to add Thicker headgasket. It would get the compression below 8.5
2010-02-24 21:56:06
The car will run fine, actually its funny how well they can run w 370 on stock ecu, not suggesting it btw lol
2010-02-24 21:58:47
2010-02-24 23:17:15
370cc injectors + Stock ECU + Stock MAF + S-AFC = Win
2010-02-24 23:50:21
Originally Posted by totaled200ser
The car will run but you will get about 5-7 mpg no joke. It will run like crap, I have seen it done. It may feel ok to you but if it does that is because you don't know any better, LOL.

my boy did that in his dsm, he put 550s in his car with stock ecu and i was beating him in my se-r. swore it was faster just by putting in bigger injectors
2010-02-25 02:26:34
^^^Ken is rocking a 4g63 Mirage. NIIIICE!!!!
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