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Thread: Some thoughts on this setup

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2010-02-16 02:56:22
Some thoughts on this setup
I sold the .78 housing yesterday. Going to go bigger. There is a new 1.06 divided T3 housing out now and I think I am going to do that one. I don't know exactly how it will react with this setup but I would like to try it. Not looking for much more than 500whp.

Also I was thinking about doing N1 cams on this setup on low boost. I am 8.5:1 compression and I thought about raising compression but for now this motor pulls great and doesn't have any issues so I am going to keep it for now.

I am putting on the air/water intercooler to help with the plumbing disaster.

But I am anxious to see how well this motor will do with the larger housing on my GT3076r, with the large cams revving to 8500rpm. Valve springs will prob remain stock for now too, as I hear the N1 cams are good to high rpm on stock springs.

I would like to hit about 400whp on 10-12psi. Prob not really possible but it is something worth shooting for. I really want to lower the boost for many reasons. I'd appreciate your input guys. You know I always like to try out things that nobody has before! But I'd like to try out the larger TS housing.

If things go well, I may have an intake manifold made for me
2010-02-17 01:45:50
no thoughts on a N1 cam on a divided 1.06 housing huh? 36 views and noone has any thoughts?

Well the thought is the backpressure will be minimized with the larger housing, as the .78 seems too restrictive. As I told everyone from the outset, the .78 flows way less than it should to make good power, and a larger housing would better optimize the turbo.

Better VE and free-flowing cams should make decent power on a lot less boost, which is what I want. 15psi or less, and well over 400whp on pump gas. I guess I will have to see what happens.
2010-02-17 02:05:09
I still think you should of been making a lot more power at 24psi. Why not change the housing and see how that does than do the n1's so your not introducing to many variables.
2010-02-17 02:25:20
I will be testing them one at a time. Remember 24psi up here is still only like 20-21psi at sea level. 450whp ain't bad, and I am making more power than that now with the stock VE cams. Maf voltage says anyway... went from 4.7V to over 5V with the swap.
2010-02-17 03:35:35
I like the idea of the housing swap ....I think the N1 cams will be interesting ....I stil want to get a the 90mm pistons with big valve cutout in my block to try the 20V cams , I think they will be fricken awsome the 20Vs look awsome on paper
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