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Thread: Pump gas hp record ??

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2010-02-15 23:46:43
Pump gas hp record ??
I was wondering what it was if there is such a thing .....just wondering so thought I woud ask
2010-02-15 23:58:45
lol we have pump 110 octane leaded gas here lol does that count. But i did 461whp on 91 octane. Im sure there are others that have done higher. I just dont want to risk anything so any more than 20psi i have at least 110 octane in the tank.
2010-02-16 00:02:34
I was thinking 93 octane , but I see your point , and I guess there is always E85 as well , but I was thinking 93 , with mayby some meth injection ...
2010-02-16 00:37:52
Manny's VE-T made 420 on pump gas at 15 psi. I think the car could have made a lot more on pump but, we just switched over to C-16 at that point.

I am shooting for 450 or so on pump.
2010-02-16 02:06:52
Technically I made 572whp on pump, since E-85 is pump gas
2010-02-16 02:16:27
if you can't get it at every gas station, it isn't pump gas.

85-93 need only apply. Not E-85, sorry
2010-02-16 02:27:53
yeah you tell em Coheed. hahaha.

E85 is nice but there is soo much extra required to tune it properly and run a car on it. But once its done its very nice. Other than i heard it eats away at internals after time running it. Something about it being a very corrosive type of fuel.
2010-02-16 02:42:41
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
But i did 461whp on 91 octane...

2010-02-16 02:59:13
I've done 442 on pump, but I'm sure I could do more. I don't wanna push it though, that was 24psi!

pump gas and 400whp seems to be the magic number unless revving really high, or large-frame turbo. Then 500 isn't out of the question.
2010-02-16 03:22:09
I think jp did almost 6 on pump plus meth right? Didn't u say you meant pump plus meth. And that was pretty low boost
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