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Thread: BIG BOOST Mid Sized Turbo guys what are your numbers?

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2010-02-13 00:14:50
that wont be me ....I will be running around 20psi on pump with some more tricks up my sleeve on my gt35r hopefully , but if you are making a daily driver I think the gt2871r or t2 framed gt3071r would be awsome on a VET , there is also the t2 gt3076r it might be real nice in this app also
2010-02-13 00:32:58
Originally Posted by insane
Agreed but depending on what you are setting the car up for the larger framed turbos may not suit your needs.

By all means when you want maximum hp the larger framed turbos are they way to go. Or if you are looking to build a drag car, or all out highway terror a properly set up larger framed turbo car will tear us 2871 guys a new one. I just dont see the point in people running say an sc61 or 35r at 6-10psi, you wouldnt even be in the proper efficency rage for those turbos. Its more the honda guys than us nissan guys but there are some that insist on a huge turbo with small boost #'s.

This pisses me off as well. I know people with 35r's and other large turbo's running 10-12psi and I'm like wtf whats the point?
2010-02-13 00:43:04
No point at all ...they would be better off with a disco or a gt2871r ....
2010-02-13 02:26:33
Originally Posted by 91B13DET
Not only do you have to worry about getting power to the ground to have a fast car, but

one main thing a majority of people seem to forget when they talk about a "fast car" is

the power to weight it has, yea some people might have 600whp in a 3,000lb car but

little ol Johnny here with his "so last year 400 whp" in say a 2,200lb car WILL make the

600whp guy cry a tear or two. I see no problem Johnny with that 18g getting close if not

dead on to that power your looking towards, good luck man.


Thank you! All you guys with big turbos...thats cool and it is nice to have 500+whp AT THE TRACK. But on the street my 400whp car will wear that ass out everytime from light to light! I have no interest in going 150+mph! Ive done it and the car was still pulling...But its boring not to mention scary and dangerous in these lil ass cars. Im more of the guy who wants to be able to hit the gas and have the car move then! Not lag, lag, lag boost. Passing power if you will. By the time these big turbos spool id have already let off. Either that or they drop gears to get into the power band, shcok the tires and its spin city! And my car lit up my Drag Radials in first second and third. So I couldnt imagine what a big turboed DET on the street would do! STREET CAR guys. That is the word for today.

Its kinda like when I watch all these Z06 Videos. These guys race cars that make way more whp then them. For example Supras with huge turbos. But who winds up winning unless they race to like 170? The Vette's. Why because they are more responsive and can make power down lower. Apples to Oranges? Sort of...but you get what im saying.

Anyway this thread wasnt meant to be a big turbo Vs mid sized turbo Discussion. Id rather have that argument at the convention where I can actually convince people of what im saying instead of most people just assuming throwing more HP at a FWD car is better. SO CAN WE PLLLLLLEASE STAY ON TOPIC or at least try?

So please all you mod sized turbo guys post up your big boost numbers.
2010-02-13 02:36:42
Pfff 150mph is soo couple years ago, hahahahahaha

Nah its all good man. We all have different plans with our cars and what we want from them. We all know the 18g is a very nicely sized turbo and should respond well and still make killer power up top. Again id say go for it man. I just said screw it and no more T2's. With big power cars its also being able to control your foot and put as much power down as you can by modulating the throttle instead of just spin spin spin. Ive gotten quite good at it. hahahaha And like you as long as you start at the sweet spots in the power band which when you go from a rolling start is usually what you do anyways, its perfectly fine and is instant power. Your powerband is just shifted down about 1200-1500rpms sooner than mine. So if we start lower in the powerband of course your going to initially pull away but topend man, cant beat the big power as long as you have the traction to compensate for it.

But go for it Johnny.
2010-02-13 02:43:51
Umm Ashton if we raced it would be from about a 10mph roll! Im not stupid! But Id bet I could get to 60 before you and hold you off fo a good while before you walked on by easily
2010-02-13 02:50:40
hahahaha, its all in the foot man, hahahaha, You are running stickier tires than me too so your probably right. But i would be by you in 3rd without much trouble. hahaha
2010-02-13 02:51:22
Originally Posted by Johnny
Umm Ashton if we raced it would be from about a 10mph roll! Im not stupid! But Id bet I could get to 60 before you and hold you off fo a good while before you walked on by easily

Now put some work into that LS1 you got there Johnny with some heads and

cam with a good shot or big boost and ol Ashton there wouldn't have a


There would be alot of this

But also in good fun!

2010-02-13 02:59:28
Tell that to the guy with the procharged Zo6, same year as johnnys running 12psi, headers and exhaust. Not a pretty sight, and that was only on 19psi for me. hahaha And before the intake mani and throttle body.
2010-02-13 03:29:29
91B13DET- Ahem LS6!

If were going to be off topic lets at least stick to one TYPE of car! Lets leave Vettes out of this. Thats a whole Different thing...Also Ashton most Vette Drivers are ****ty drivers!
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